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CCFR Radio – Special Episode: Mass Casualty Commission Final Report – A Liberal Party Wishlist!

For the latest information on what's been happening at the CCFR, check out our most recent Podcast with host Rod Giltaca.

In this episode: The final report from the Mass Casualty Commission has been released, and it’s as bad as you imagined. An outrageous use of the worst mass shooting in Canadian history to do NOTHING, but push the Liberal’s gun ban agenda. The Commission wants Canada to become Australia and completely ignores that the shooter had no license and smuggled his weapons from the United States. The report includes a copy/paste of the Liberal’s recently withdrawn amendment G4, just astounding.

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Find the report here: https://masscasualtycommission.ca/

Rod Giltaca humiliates Australian professor at the MCC: https://youtu.be/VI7FMQ5WTcc

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2023 CCFR Annual General Meeting Weekend

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2023 CCFR Director Elections

It's that time of year again!

Each year we hold elections for half our provincial director positions. These are volunteer positions, and each term is two years unless otherwise indicated. Things are improving this year so we'll be holding our 2023 CCFR AGM in person for the first time in 3 years and hope many of you will join us. The new slate of Directors will be announced at the AGM, published on our website and submitted to Industry Canada. The CCFR is a registered, federal not for profit organization.

To run for the office of Director for the CCFR, you must:

  • have been a member of the CCFR in good standing at the AGM and prior to January 1, 2023
  • have power under Canadian law to sign legally binding contracts and documents
  • not have a criminal record for which you have not received a pardon from
  • be a resident of the province you are nominated in
  • not be in a state of personal bankruptcy
  • be nominated by 2 other CCFR members in your province who personally know you

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Final MCC Report targets RCMP, legal gun owners

On Thursday, after almost 3 years of study, the Mass Casualty Commission, the public inquiry into the tragic shooting in Nova Scotia, released their final report. All hope that this would be a comprehensive strategy to reduce violence gave way to the Liberal gun ban agenda.

The CCFR had high hopes that the survivors and families of the victims who fought long and hard to even have this public inquiry after the Liberal government declined their requests, would get the answers they deserve. Unfortunately the MCC final report is yet another attack on the legal firearms community who had nothing to do with this brutal, horrific tragedy.

Read more here

Federal Budget reveals next steps in Ottawa’s plan to force gun owners to give up banned weapons

A small item from the new federal budget offers a hint at how the government plans to carry out its buyback of prohibited firearms.

Over five years, the federal government intends to spend $29 million to help Public Safety Canada and the RCMP implement an “IT solution to compensate firearms owners and businesses and safely remove assault-style firearms from Canadian communities.”

According to the ministry of public safety, the funding will be used to create an online management system to facilitate the acquisition, destruction or disposal of more than 100,000 prohibited "assault-style" weapons.

The government still expects to spend more on the buyback program. In 2021, the parliamentary budget officer estimated it could cost anywhere between $47 million and $756 million depending on the number of guns affected, the take-up rate and pricing structure.

Read more at Toronto Star here

It appears that the Liberal government has all but given up on their 'buyback' confiscation program and have opted instead to fund Information Management/Information Technology solutions for a compensation program. See page 157 (169 in the PDF) of the 2023 Federal Budget, which shows a mere $18M for IT infrastructure:


Canadians are dying. A 16-year-old boy stabbed to death in a Toronto subway. A father stabbed to death outside of a Vancouver Starbucks. A man stabbed on a Toronto city bus. A police officer killed near Trois-Rivières. A teen girl shot to death in Calgary. These crimes all happened in a time span of 3 days by violent repeat criminal offenders.

Who does Justin Trudeau blame? Canadian gun owners and hunters.

Yes, you read that right. Watch this exchange with Pierre Poilievre and our ridiculous Prime Minister.

Watch on YouTube here

CBC Investigates: The path of a (smuggled) gun

A Smith & Wesson 9-mm semi-automatic pistol, serial number HNJ6785, flashes briefly at the end of an eight-second cellphone video featuring several guns in open boxes spread across the white covering of a bed.

The video appears to have been filmed by a person holding a cellphone in one hand and using the other to toy with some of the guns. Font on the screen reads: Houston, 2:49 p.m., June 4, 2020.

The RCMP extracted the video from the cellphone of Tony N’Zoigba after his arrest for smuggling nine pistols into Canada from the U.S. on June 10, 2020.

The one-time star athlete from Ottawa, who ran track and played football on a New Mexico military college scholarship, refused to identify the source of the guns during police questioning.

“I shall not be answering this,” said N’Zoigba, leaning back in the chair across from RCMP Cpl. Angelique Dignard.

N’Zoigba was arrested after crossing the St. Lawrence River in a 16-foot white motor boat that docked briefly along the seawall by the Blue Anchor restaurant in Cornwall, Ont.

An undercover Canada Border Services Agency officer watched N’Zoigba hop out of the boat carrying a duffel bag. An SUV with three men from Ottawa arrived moments later to pick him up.

The duffel bag held nine guns individually wrapped in plastic bags with accompanying magazines. The Smith & Wesson pistol, serial number HNJ6785, came with two 17 round mags — the gun restricted in Canada, the magazine prohibited.

The gun began its journey across the border 116 days earlier in a Houston pawn shop where it was bought by a deputy with the Sheriff’s Department in Brazoria County.

Read more at CBC News here

Calgary Police Service identify 15-year-old shooting victim

The Calgary Police Service has identified the teenager who was killed in a shooting in Martindale early Tuesday morning.

Police fielded reports of a shooting in an alley off Martin Crossing Cres. in the northeast Calgary community of Martindale at 1:30 a.m.

The 15-year-old girl, who was found in the passenger seat of a vehicle, was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

Police believe the teen was shot while sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle in the 300 block of Martindale Drive N.E. The driver did not sustain any injuries, officers said.

On Wednesday, the Calgary Police Service said the shooting was targeted but was unsure if the occupants of the vehicle were the intended targets.

An autopsy completed by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner was completed and Sarah Alexis Jorquera, 15, was identified on Wednesday.

“This was a senseless act of violence that took the life of a young girl,” Staff Sgt. Martin Schiavetta said in a statement.

“At this point, we have more questions than answers and are working around the clock to hold those responsible accountable.”

Read more at Global News here

Violent crime continues to increase in Canada while our government chooses to focus time and resources on licensed firearm owners.

Save the date: the next National Range Day will be on June 3rd, 2023

Please start planning or speak to your club executive to ensure your club is ready (and willing) to host an event for National Range Day in 2023.

There has never been a more important time to introduce your friends, family, neighbours and co-workers to firearms ownership and use in Canada!

Commit to volunteering at your local event, or bringing someone who has not been shooting before. The long-term success of this annual celebration of the shooting sports is in your hands.

Listen to Episode 124 of our podcast for more info.



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