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Friday, June 21, 2024


CCFR Radio EP 169: CCFR Goes To Ottawa, Libs Lie About Public Safety, Cheeky Lawyer Finds Out (NEW)

For the latest information on what's been happening at the CCFR, check out our most recent Podcast with host Rod Giltaca.

In this episode: Liberals flat out lie about their influence on public safety, AGAIN. Rod goes off the rails. Interview with Sean Alexander of Kailani Outdoors. Huge thank you to all our CCFR AGM 2024 contributors, you are the best!! Cheeky lawyer fools around with the CCFR and finds out. CCFR attends the Conservative Outdoor Symposium in Ottawa. All that and more!

Watch on Rumble here

Audio-only Link: https://podcast.ccfr.ca/episodes/episode-169/

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2024 Canadian International Skeet (National Championships)

The 2024 Canadian International Skeet National Championships are being hosted at the Saskatoon Gun Club from August 21st to 25th.

Events include: Individual Men, Individual Women, Masters, Individual Men (Junior), Individual Women (Junior).

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.

Entry fees are $285 and include a championship dinner ($260 for Juniors).

Note: More information regarding the Championships from the Organizing Committees once registered.

Register at Shooting Federation of Canada

2024 CCFR Gunnie Girl Calendar: Ms. June

Taking a bright jump into summer, it’s already June in our 2024 CCFR Gunnie Girl calendar. Let’s say hello to our model and sponsor for this month!

Model/CCFR Member: Amy
Page Sponsor: Canuck Guns & O'Dell Engineering Ltd.

Photo credit: Baz Kanda

The CCFR Gunnie Girl calendar is our fundraiser that generates support for the CCFR Women’s Program each year. Those funds are used to sponsor women’s range days and other events across Canada.

DO YOU HAVE A LADIES DAY EVENT being planned for 2024? Would you like sponsorship for the event? Contact us at [email protected] for more information on what’s involved.

Did You Know?

Did you know that all the women featured in our calendar are CCFR members, ambassadors for their sport/industry, and represent Canadian women across our community? The model call for 2025 has closed but we will be posting for next year in the spring! Email [email protected] for more information!

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GTA — Project Lookout, a 14-month long, joint-forces investigation led by York Regional Police’s Guns, Gangs, and Drug Enforcement Unit has led to 20 arrests, 300 charges and the dismantling of a large-scale gun and drug trafficking network.

In April 2023, police began investigating members and associates of a street gang known as the Haywan Gang, believed to be involved in the trafficking of firearms and drugs into the southern part of York Region.

Cops say as the operation evolved, suspects allegedly supplying members and associates of the Haywan Gang with firearms and high-quality cocaine being primarily trafficked in Vaughan were identified.

Authorities say Project Lookout concluded on June 5 when search warrants were executed at 33 GTA locations, resulting in the seizure of 18 firearms, 19.8 kilograms of cocaine, 4.8 kilograms of cannabis and a quantity of MDMA, Xanax pills and oxycodone pills with the total street value of the seized drugs at more than $2.5 million.

Investigators also seized $244,335 in Canadian currency, four vehicles and luxury watches valued at $255,000 as proceeds of crime...

Note: You can watch the full press conference on Project Lookout from York Regional Police here.

Continue reading at The Toronto Sun

York Regional Police Emphasize Crime Guns Were Smuggled From the United States

York Regional Police Insp., Richard Gaudet, took time during Wednesday's press conference regarding 'Project Lookout' to emphasize some important key points about the origin of the crime guns seized in the 14-month long operation:
  • The majority of the seized firearms came illegally from the USA
  • The seized firearms included 2 x MINI DRACO Pistols, guns already prohibited (banned) in Canada
  • Multiple firearms had their serial number removed
  • 12 of the seized firearms were able to be traced
  • 11 (almost all) traced firearms were confirmed to have been illegally smuggled into Canada
  • The seized firearms were destined for violent criminal offenders and acts of violence such as home invasions, carjacking and armed robberies
  • Suspects arrested in the operation have been linked to high-level organized crime involved in the illicit drug trade
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Despite Federal Gun Bans, Violent Crimes Continuing to Rise in Winnipeg According to Latest Police Data

WINNIPEG — New data from the Winnipeg Police Service's 2023 statistical report shows total crimes in the city were down compared to 2022; however, violent crimes are on the rise.

The latest data shows the total number of crimes in Winnipeg was down 2.2 per cent compared to 2022 – 70,472 compared to 72,061. However, crime is still up over the five-year average of 64,879.

Violent crimes saw the largest jump year-over-year at 12.1 per cent and it's up 31.4 per cent when looking at the five-year average.

The data on violent crimes was broken down by the weapon used – bear spray, knives, firearms or other weapons.

The use of bear spray was down to 893 incidents from 1,182 in 2022, but every other weapon saw an increase.

Firearms were up slightly from 445 to 470. Violent crimes involving knives went up 21.6 per cent – 1,346 to 1,637 – and other weapons were also up from 1,911 incidents to 2,228 – a 16.6 per cent increase...

Continue reading at CTV News

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2022 Commissioner of Firearms Report Finally Released

RCMP — The Commissioner of Firearms Report, which outlines the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) priorities, activities and service delivery to its more than 2+ million license holders, is a RCMP report that is supposed to be published annually (as required by the Firearms Act) to the Minister of Public Safety for tabling in Parliament.

More than a year late, the report was finally published on June 3, 2024.

You can read or download it here.

Also, Check out this great overview of the report on X (formerly Twitter) by friend of the CCFR, MartyUpNorth.

Read the Report

"Work to Maintain the Society You Want."

Former English teacher, Firearms enthusiast and YouTube sensation Greg Kinman, better known on the internet as 'Hickok45,' had these insightful thoughts for his viewers regarding ideologically driven gun control, gun bans, the degradation of society in North America, and also how firearms owners can get involved in the fight for their rights.

Ironically, this clip first aired on Aug. 19, 2019... but it's still relevant today.

Join the fight for YOUR right to own and enjoy property.

Consider Becoming a Member of the CCFR (Canada's largest and most active firearms advocacy organization) or Donate to our Legal Challenge (CCFR v Canada).

Visit firearmrights.ca and propertyjustice.ca for more information.

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It’s no secret that leftists, especially those employed in news media, use fear tactics to turn public opinion against firearms in Canada.

As seen in this clip from a few years ago, the media tried to instill fear by lying to the public about Stephen Harpers Bill C-42. Rod breaks down the real facts and exposes these misleading claims.

Don't be fooled—be informed.

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SCARBOROUGH — Toronto Police have charged a guy they say is the man in a viral video who allegedly swung a knife toward a man during a road rage incident in Scarborough Sunday.

And he’s already out on bail, even though he was charged with two counts of breaching previous court conditions.

You read it right. Catch and release!

While it remains to be seen whether police have properly identified the man in the video, it’s hard to run or hide when your face and licence plate are captured on video and shared around the world. When it comes to police catching a suspect who allegedly threatened somebeody with a knife, a picture is worth a thousand words, while a video often gives alleged wrongdoers 24 to 48 hours.

Then the court releases the suspect on $2,500 bail.

That’s what happened in the case of a man allegedly captured in a video posted to 6ixBuzzTV — an incident that could have ended as a homicide.

It all started June 16, at 10:35 a.m., when Toronto Police responded to a call for a person with a knife in the Danforth-Kennedy Rds. area of Scarborough and a man recorded a video exchange with a vehicle...

Continue reading at The Toronto Sun

Friend of the CCFR, TATV Canada, a YouTube channel that provides 'How-To's and reviews on firearms, casting, reloading, optics and accessories,' released another great six-minute video exploring what the Canadian 'Buyback' of (so-called) 'Military-Style Assault Rifles' actually is, and how the 'program' works.

Missed Greg's previous videos? Watch the full series here.

Watch on YouTube

Continue reading at Kingstonist

SOAP BOX GUNS: Parks Canada Controversy? Sidney Island Deer Cull Explained

Canadian YouTuber, SoapBoxGuns, provides Canadian content on 'Guns, Reviews, News, and Politics.'

He recently published this video dissecting the recent Parks Canada Deer Cull controversy. It's worth the watch!

Watch on YouTube

GUN BAN FAIL: Police Seize Handgun and Arrest Youth After Vehicle Stolen in Kitchener

WATERLOO — Waterloo Regional Police have arrested one youth after a vehicle was stolen at gunpoint in Kitchener.

On June 11, 2024, at approximately 4 p.m., police responded to a report of two males brandishing a firearm and stealing a vehicle from a rideshare driver in the area of Highland Road West and Belmont Avenue West.

The victim, a 40-year-old Waterloo male, did not sustain any physical injuries.

Officers from WRPS’ Drugs and Firearms Team and Robbery Team located the stolen vehicle and followed it to North York, resulting in the arrest of one of the involved males.

Officers also located and seized a loaded handgun and suspected methamphetamine, cocaine, and oxycodone. The stolen vehicle was recovered.

The male, a 17-year-old from Toronto, has been charged with multiple offences, including:

  • Robbery with firearm
  • Possession of Stolen goods over $5,000
  • Unauthorized Possession of Firearm
  • Possession of a Prohibited or Restricted Firearm with Ammunition
  • Firearm or weapon - possession contrary to prohibition order
  • Transport Firearm or Restricted Weapon
  • Occupant of a Motor Vehicle knowing there was a Firearm
  • Carrying concealed weapon
  • Possession of Weapon for Dangerous Purpose
  • Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking (three counts)
  • Fail to Comply with Sentence or Disposition (two counts)
Continue reading at Waterloo Regional Police

GUN BAN FAIL: Numerous firearms seized St. Catharines investigation

ST. CATHARINES — In June of 2024, 1 District (St. Catharines/Thorold) Street Crime detectives with the assistance of the ROPE unit with the Niagara Regional Police Service began a firearm investigation involving a male suspect.

On June 12, 2024 Members of the 1 District Street Crime Unit were granted judicial authorization to enter and search a residence in the area of Wallace Street and Powerview Avenue, in the City of St. Catharines.

At 9:45 p.m., detectives executed the search warrant and located a 12-gauge Mossberg that was loaded with five shotgun shells, a modified Glock firearm, a pen gun, numerous brands of ammunition and 9 ounces of cocaine.

Dalshan M. Baines (42 years old) of St. Catharines was arrested and charged with the following offences:

  • Careless Storage of Firearm (two counts)
  • Possess Forearm without Holding a Licence (two counts)
  • Possession of Firearm Contrary to Prohibition Order
  • Possess Firearm other then Restricted or Prohibited
  • Fail to Comply with Probation Order
  • Unauthorized Possession of a Prohibited or Restricted Weapon
  • Possess Restricted or Prohibited Firearm knowingly not Holding a Firearm

Baines was held in custody pending a bail hearing.

Continue reading at 730 CKDM

BRITISH COLUMBIA — A homicide in North Surrey is being investigated as a possible random attack.

Police were called to the home on 182A Street at about 10 p.m. on Sunday where a woman was in medical distress. She was rushed to the hospital but did not survive.

Family and friends have identified the woman as the owner of a local landscaping company, Tori Dunn.

She founded Dunn Right Landscaping Services in 2019.

In a social media post, her father wrote that the family “cannot begin to understand how someone as kind as Tori could be victim to such senseless violence. Tori was loved by all that she met. She devoted her time and love to her friends and family, someone who lit up the room with her smile and laugh. She is loved more than words.”

Officers flooded into the area and with the help of police dogs, a man was found and arrested nearby.

Home surveillance footage captured someone walking through the neighbourhood about 30 minutes before the call came to RCMP at 10 p.m.

Global News has learned the suspect was recently released from custody after an earlier arrest and had a lengthy and violent criminal history...

Continue reading at Global News

Fines For Illegal Hunting and Fishing More Than Double in B.C.

BRITISH COLUMBIA — Fines for illegal hunting and fishing in British Columbia are more than doubling as the province cracks down on offences against wildlife.

The Ministry of Forests says the new scale of fines effective Tuesday under the Wildlife Act ranges from $345 to $1,495, up from the current range of $115 to $575.

The biggest fines apply to people who hunt or possess big game out of season.

The ministry says in a news release the new penalties "better reflect the serious nature" of wildlife offences and acknowledge the importance of wildlife to B.C.

"This change to the violation ticket fine structure is supported by stakeholders throughout the natural-resource sector," the Forests Ministry said in a statement.

"[This includes] hunters, anglers, conservationists, guide outfitters, trappers and others, as well as many First Nations partners that welcome harsher penalties for people who demonstrate a lack of respect for fish, wildlife and their habitats."

Other offences subject to the fines include unlawful trapping, hunting or angling without a licence, operating a motor vehicle in prohibited areas, damaging habitat and illegal trafficking of wildlife.

The province says more than 1,000 tickets for Wildlife Act offences were issued in 2023, leading to more than $200,000 in fines.

The B.C. Wildlife Federation says in a separate news release that the new penalties are "more in line" with the harm caused by poachers.

Jesse Zeman, executive director of the federation, says in the release that the organization "applauds tougher penalties and would like to see all fees from these fines dedicated to fish and wildlife management."

"Increases to Wildlife Act fines reflect our values and will help deter poachers," Zeman said in the statement...

Continue reading at CBC News


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