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Friday, October 20, 2023




CCFR Radio – Ep 151: CCFR’s New Project Released! CCFR Called to Senate, Poly Exposed in ATIP & More

For the latest information on what's been happening at the CCFR, check out our most recent Podcast with host Rod Giltaca.

In this episode: CCFR’s latest political project is released and Rod talks about upcoming ones as well. Poly loses their mind over ATIP data dump covered by Bryan Passifiume of the National Post. Couple killed in grizzly attack, time for wilderness carry? Rod is called to testify to the Senate, maybe.


Watch on Rumble here

Audio-only Link: https://podcast.ccfr.ca/episodes/episode-151

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It's HERE! The long anticipated reboot of the CCFR's Scrap C-21 campaign, this time aimed squarely at the Senate of Canada, has begun. Head to ScrapC21.ca and scroll down to watch Rod Giltaca's How to Use ScrapC21.ca in Under 2 Minutes informational video, to get started.

We've updated the website with the latest instructions for how you can help the firearms community. This includes new contact information for Canadian Senators studying the bill, new infographic posters for gun clubs and ranges, downloadable posters for anyone who wants to distribute their own, and a detailed 18 minute explainer video specifically for senators, that you can share as you write.

If everyone does their part, we can make a difference.

Visit ScrapC21.ca

BREAKING: CCFR Legal Delivers 'Official' Gun Amnesty Extension Order from Governor General

Michael Loberg, from CCFR's Legal Team Loberg Ector LLP, made the official announcement today saying, "Expecting publication on November 8, 2023 in the Gazette, it is now official that the Amnesty is extended by the attached P.C. Order 2023-1052. CCFR will now stand down the injunction application.

You can always count on the CCFR to fight for firearms owners.

Read the Amnesty Extension Order

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Bill C-21 in the Senate: Two Meetings Announced

The study of Bill C-21 resumes Monday, October 23rd, as two meetings were announced by the Senate of Canada. Members of the Standing Committee for National Security, Defence and Veterans Affairs (SECD) will hear from the Minister of Public Safety, Dominic LeBlanc, as well as representatives from the Dept. of Justice, RCMP and CBSA as well as Alberta CFO Teri Bryant, and Saskatchewan CFO Robert Freberg.

The second meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 25th, and features Dr. Noah Schwartz from the University of Fraser Valley, and Firearms Researcher and Policy Specialist, Tim Thurley.

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ATIP Dump - Poly Emails

A recent ATIP release of emails between notorious anti-gun lobby group PolySeSouvient and the Federal Liberal government show how they weaponized the memorial for the Polytechnique shooting against the Prime Minister to achieve their lobby goals. They threatened the Prime Minister by disinviting him to the annual commemoration of the awful tragedy on December 6, 1989, and denying him the photo op that has become expected.

Details of these threats and the power the anti gun lobby wields over the Liberals was exposed in a National Post story by Bryan Passifiume, parliament bureau reporter. The story lays bare the panic set off in Public Safety and the PMO when threats of the possibility of the missed photo op became known. Staff and messaging experts drafted multiple...

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Blue Jays pitcher Erik Swanson defends hunting post with son and dead geese

Toronto Blue Jays relief pitcher Erik Swanson posted a photo on his social media that showed him posing with his son alongside more than a dozen dead Canada geese.

“Starting the off-season outdoors!,” he captioned the divisive Instagram photo, which was shot in Roseau, Minnesota.

Many fans were not pleased with some blasting Swanson while others defended the player.

Toronto internet news site, blogTO, wrote a story titled 'Toronto Blue Jays pitcher poses with pile of dead Canada geese he shot with his kid.'

Swanson responded saying, "I am an avid hunter/fisherman and I will always be. For the people who are asking me why I have my son with me, I am teaching him a very important life lesson… the beef, venison, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables all come from somewhere, not just the grocery store."


Read more at Toronto Sun

LILLEY: Trudeau's gun ban extension shows it was always about politics

On May 1, 2020, Justin Trudeau told the Canadian people he was banning the legal possession of thousands of legally owned guns to keep our streets safe.

Last week, his government extended the amnesty for legal gun owners to keep those very same rifles and shotguns until Oct. 30, 2025.

For those keeping track, that means the government has no plans to deal with the guns they said were so dangerous they must be seized until five and half years after they banned them.

Not that any thinking person believed that Trudeau’s announcement in May 2020 would actually improve public safety. As usual, Trudeau was using a tragedy to play politics with legal gun owners, something those of us paying attention had seen again and again.

Read more at Toronto Sun

Canada not tracking 3D printed guns

Canadian law enforcement isn't currently tracking the number of 3D printed guns used in crimes. Police have been seizing more of the weapons in crimes, but there's no national-level data available on the emerging criminal phenomenon.

CityNews interviews Writer A.J. Somerset and CEO and Executive Director for the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, Rod Giltaca.

Watch at City News Kitchener

Calgary police officer injured, suspect killed in exchange of gunfire in city's northeast

A police officer was injured and a suspect killed in a shootout in a northeast strip mall parking lot Wednesday afternoon.

At about 1 p.m., police say they were executing a warrant in the 5700 block of Falsbridge Drive N.E. when gunfire erupted.

“While attempting to arrest an individual, gunfire was exchanged resulting in one police officer and one suspect being shot,” Calgary police said in a statement.

The injured officer, who’s served for 11 years but wasn’t named, was taken to hospital in stable condition, said police. He was released from hospital Wednesday.

Officers took into custody a man whose face and handcuffed hands were bloody, while another suspect was shot and died of their injuries in hospital, said police.

Read more at Calgary Herald

Fatal bear attack spurs conversation on guns for self-defence in national parks

A double fatal grizzly bear attack in Banff National Park emphasizes the need to review the ban on guns for self-defence in Canada’s national parks, a firearm rights group says.

National Parks wildlife regulations forbid firearm use in Banff, despite risks posed to hikers and campers by animals such as bears, cougars and coyotes.

The Sept. 29 deaths of campers Doug Inglis and Jenny Gusse aren’t the first and won’t be the last, according to Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights spokesperson Tracey Wilson.

“It amplifies the necessity for Canadians to be able to protect themselves against wildlife,” she says. “We have the tools and the technology to protect ourselves. We just don’t have the legal ability to do so.”

Read more at True North

Brian Lilley, Sun political columnist, talks about the ongoing Trudeau gun ban - or control - and using it for political gain. And is the PM using it as a wedge issue as he extends the gun amnesty.

Watch on YouTube

GUN BAN FAIL: Toronto man facing 17 firearm and drug-related charges

A 26-year-old man is facing almost 20 charges after he was arrested carrying a loaded gun in downtown Toronto.

Police say just after 10:30 p.m. Saturday night they were made aware of a man in possession of a firearm in the area of Yonge and Dundas Streets.

Investigators located the man and placed him under arrest. A search revealed he was in possession of a loaded Waffenfabrik Mauser firearm with five rounds of ammunition. Police also found a quantity of drugs on the man.

Tyler Williams-Dennis is facing a total of 17 charges including eight different firearms-related offences, five counts of drug possession and failure to comply with a release order.

At the time of the arrest, Williams-Dennis was prohibited from carrying a gun.

Read more at CityNews Toronto

The RCMP has told owners to turn in what the force is calling fully automatic military surplus firearms after hundreds were misidentified and allowed into Canada for commercial sale.

The Mounties say the registrar of firearms immediately froze records relating to the 245 prohibited guns after discovering the issue to prevent further sale or transfer of the firearms.

The registrar believes three firearm businesses imported and registered the guns as semi-automatic Tavor X95s that are classified as restricted firearms and can be sold in Canada.

The RCMP says that upon physical inspection it was determined the firearms are actually fully automatic Tavor X95 MSWs, which are prohibited in Canada.

Rod Giltaca, chief executive officer of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, said several people who received revocation notices told him the firearm they purchased was semi-automatic, meaning it would have been converted from fully automatic at some point.

"Nobody knew that it was converted. They just know they have a semi-automatic rifle," Giltaca said Thursday.

Under the law, such a converted firearm would still be prohibited and subject to revocation, he said.

"My main concern is that Canadians don't think that there's fully automatic military surplus firearms floating around Canada in the hands of licensed gun owners."

Read more at CBC News

Le club de tir l’Élite dans une série YouTube

Prouver qu’il est possible de pratiquer le tir et d’en faire une activité amusante dans un cadre totalement réglementaire, c’est le souhait de Jean-Pierre Otis, président du club de tir l’Élite de Baie-Comeau. Il espère aussi que la visite spéciale qu’il a reçue en octobre lui permettra la promotion de ses activités. 

Ce sera par une série sur la plateforme YouTube que M. Otis veut démontrer tout ce qu’il a à offrir au club de tir. Le producteur de contenu vidéo Pierre Rioux possède une chaîne YouTube, intitulée Tir et survie, dans laquelle il présentera une tournée des clubs de tir au Québec. 

« Ils ont pris beaucoup de prises de vue de l’endroit », explique M. Otis, content de pouvoir utiliser une autre plateforme pour promouvoir son club. « Au départ, c’est Mathieu Dugas qui a amené l’idée. Mathieu est un membre et il fait des vidéos YouTube sur la survie en forêt », explique M. Otis. En effet, M. Dugas possède aussi la chaîne Survivaliste du nord.

« Je tiens à ce que ce soit 100 % sécuritaire et 100 % selon les règles de sécurité du club. […] Je ne veux rien de compromettant », ajoute-t-il, concernant les vidéos réalisées sur le terrain, comme pour les activités de tous les jours. Il assure que cela lui fait plaisir de recevoir cette visite, mais que les vidéos soient réalisées de façon adéquate. 

Lors de la fin de semaine du 14 octobre, Jean-Pierre Otis a aussi reçu Walter Ferguson, de la chaîne YouTube Catus Nebulosa, sa conjointe Marie Christine Gagnon et Sophie Béland, du podcast Au pas de tir et représentante de la Coalition canadienne pour le droit des armes à feu.

Cette dernière a été grandement impressionnée des installations, selon M. Otis : « Elle a voulu visiter notre club et elle a capoté ! Elle a trouvé que c’était un des plus beaux clubs au Québec. »

Lire la suite sur Le Manic

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