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Friday, August 18, 2023


CCFR Radio – Ep 147: Season Finale Episode, Best Clips, Marco is GONE!!! (Latest Episode)

For the latest information on what's been happening at the CCFR, check out our most recent Podcast with host Rod Giltaca.

In this episode: Season 2 of our TV show on Wild TV, “CCFR Radio on the Air” is over. As such, we’re reviewing all the best clips of the last 12 months. There are some whoppers! Marco Mendicino has been fired! Statcan reports firearm-related homicides are up again for 8 straight years, 2022 was the worst in history. All that and more!

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Politically motivated gun policies hinder law-abiding Canadians

On November 22, 2021, the federal government presented Bill C-21, aiming to entrench in law aspects of the 2020 Order in Council, banning “assault-style firearms,” codifying the regulatory freeze on the purchase, transfer, and inheritance of handguns, and further complicating Canada’s “red flag” laws.

In this new paper, Aiming off target: gun policy in Canada, Noah Schwartz and Tim Thurley examine the state of Canada’s current gun policies and offer recommendations for improvement. In essence, current policies will have little effect on violent crime but they will have significant adverse impacts on hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Canadian gun owners, including members of Indigenous communities, and the businesses and networks supporting them.

“These policies distract from meaningful, evidence-based efforts to reduce crime and violence,” write Schwartz and Thurley.

The authors reveal how unlikely it is that Bill C-21 will meaningfully disrupt the supply of guns to criminals and gang members. The status-quo in Canada, where access to firearms has been strictly controlled for decades through a licensing system, means it is highly unlikely that proposed prohibitions would have a meaningful impact.

Continue reading at MLI

This viral clip from Dating Talk #24, a series by @whatever, got 'interesting' when one of the hosts asked if any of their female guests would date a man who was a legal firearms owner... As they approach various public safety concerns, including armed criminals, home invasions, and the ethics of self-defence and self-protection, things get weird, fast.

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Canada's gun control debate has been Americanised and the consequences are real

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has cited mass shootings and domestic violence against women as major drivers of C-21, but firearms were present (not necessarily used) at 0.006 percent of cases of intimate partner violence in 2019. Mass shootings, meanwhile, remain exceedingly rare in Canada. We had no mass shootings in 2021; the United States had, according to the Gun Violence Archive’s definition, 693, for a total of 703 fatalities and 2,842 injuries. That may serve as a cold comfort if a loved one has been a victim, but the Nova Scotia shooter smuggled their firearms from Maine, while the Danforth shooter acquired his smuggled gun through a gang connection. Other recent mass killings have been committed with a van and knives.”

In Canada, the level of mass shootings is so small that I worry when people make policy statements based on them,” Dr. Noah Schwartz says. “Nowadays, with the level of gun control we have, it’s so rare. We need to be looking at what are the most common forms of shootings, and the shootings we’re seeing now are related to gangs and the drug trade. That’s the day-to-day face of violence, that’s where we have to target our policy solutions.”

Continue reading at The Hub Canada

In 2019, a fearful homeowner called 911, just before 3AM, after he heard a window break and footsteps inside his home. A lawful gun owner in the state of Washington, he retrieved his phone, legal firearm, and hid in his bedroom closet anxiously waiting for police to arrive.

Though he had immediately alerted the authorities, police were unable to make it to his home in the 4 mins it took for intruders to make their way from outside, to his bedroom. The confrontation was recorded in this bone-chilling 911 call.

For the CCFR's official position on self-defence with a firearm, read our policy here.

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Firearms Seized, 46 Charges laid in Edmonton Investigation

Two St. Albert men are facing countless firearms-related charges following an ALERT investigation earlier this month.

ALERT received information regarding two suspects believed to be in possession of multiple firearms. On August 2, 2023, multiple warrants were executed on several vehicles and home addresses, and the following items were seized:

  • Three handguns;
  • A prohibited assault rifle;
  • Two handgun magazines; and
  • Ammunition.


Police also seized two prohibited extended capacity magazines, including a prohibited 30 round magazine, as well as a “screw-on” silencer.

Each of the firearms seized had the serials numbers defaced, while the rifle appears to have been manufactured without one. All of the seized firearms have been submitted for further forensic analysis, ballistics testing and serial number restoration.

“Several of these firearms were tucked away, hidden inside a sophisticated compartment within one of the vehicles. One of the seized firearms was loaded when officers located it. It’s concerning when we see the lengths people will go to in order to conceal a weapon.  It’s even more concerning that two of the four firearms were fully automatic weapons, and that one appears to have been intentionally modified as such,” said Staff Sgt. Richard DeJong, ALERT Edmonton.

Mohamed Ilmi, 47-years old of St. Albert, was arrested and faces 33 total charges for firearms related offences and breach of conditions. He has been remanded into custody as he awaits his next court appearance, scheduled for August 21, 2023.

Paul Joseph, 42 years old of St. Albert, faces 13 charges, including three counts of unauthorized possession of a firearm.

ALERT was established and is funded by the Alberta Government and is a compilation of the province’s most sophisticated law enforcement resources committed to tackling serious and organized crime.

Continue reading at alert-ab.ca

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Erratic policies have shattered the trust between the gun community and the government, experts say

“Gun owners see themselves as highly scrutinised citizens, and these bans represent a betrayal of the deal they made with the government,” Dr. Noah Schwartz says. “Background checks are very invasive. And they feel like after they go through them they should be allowed to keep the firearms they’ve owned and used safely for decades.” 

Tools can be misused, and if legal gun owners were suddenly committing reams of crimes there would be an argument for rescinding their privileges. But legal firearms are generally not the source of Canada’s gun woes.

“The popularity of these policies stems from their simplicity,” says Dr. Schwartz. “When you see Prime Minister Trudeau make some of these announcements, there’s a photo of him standing at a podium and he’s got a picture of a scary-looking rifle with a big X through it. People are familiar with the iconography from watching the American news, they don’t really know much about how the laws are different in Canada. So it’s a very easy sell to say ‘Let’s ban these rifles.’”

Continue reading at The Hub Canada

2 more people charged in connection with shooting that killed Karolina Huebner-Makurat

Two more people have been charged in connection with their alleged role in an east-end shooting that killed a mother of two back in July.

In a news release issued Tuesday, Toronto police said 20-year-old Ahmed Mustafa Ibrahim has been charged with manslaughter, robbery and failing to comply with the terms of his probation in the death of Karolina Huebner-Makurat. He was scheduled to appear in court today.

Ibrahim is the second person charged who police allege was directly involved with the killing, following Damian Hudson, who was charged with second-degree murder last month

Pickering woman Khalila Zara Mohammed, 23, was also arrested and charged with accessory after the fact to an indictable offence and obstructing justice in connection with the case, police said Tuesday. She was also scheduled to appear in court Tuesday.

In a statement sent to CBC News, South Riverdale Community Health Centre (SRCHC) CEO Jason Altenberg and interim Board Chair Emily Hill said they were "distressed to learn" that a person charged with accessory after the fact and obstruction of justice in connection with the shooting had been working at the site's drug consumption and treatment centre since 2021. The centre later confirmed Mohammed worked there.

"These allegations are deeply concerning to us and to the community," the statement reads. 

Continue reading at CBC News

Ottawa’s law and order agenda is resulting in increased violent crime 

Statistics Canada has released crime figures that suggest lawlessness throughout the land. Homicide rate, gang violence, gun crime, victims of violent crimes involving firearms, and fraud and extortion are all on the rise. Crime in Toronto has seen dramatic increases in recent years. Stats Can validates that Canada is a more violent place than it was a decade ago. 

When Trudeau shuffled his cabinet, newly appointed Justice Minister Arif Virani made legacy media headlines in declaring that rising crime in Canada is “just an illusion. No state-sponsored news reporters challenged Virani on his claim. Canadians must look to independent sources to appreciate the impact the Trudeau government’s soft-on-crime approach and its enabling legislation has had on Canada’s crime rates.

Continue reading at The Niagara Independent

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