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Friday, May 17, 2024


CCFR Radio EP 166: Toxic Liberal Drops Out, Canadian Rifle Contest Winner, Canada Post Refuses (Latest Episode)

For the latest information on what's been happening at the CCFR, check out our most recent Podcast with host Rod Giltaca.

In this episode: Mega episode! Toxic Liberal rolls out fainting couch but will stay for 18 months. Anti-gunners want gov’t to FORCE Canada Post to facilitate buyback. Winner announced in All Canadian Rifle Contest. Video for CCFR’s Best Day Ever contest, and more.

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It was standing room only, as almost 100 people packed the Trent Hills council chamber and the lobby outside on Tuesday evening for a chance to tell councillors how they felt about a proposed bylaw that would restrict the use of firearms in built up areas.

Most were opposed to the idea, but some sympathized with Christine Trillard, the woman whose complaints about hunters near her home who have been firing at geese on the Trent River the past two falls, led council to consider updating municipal bylaws.

Trillard said her home on County Rd. 50 north of Campbellford between Locks 13 and 14 is only about 20 to 30 feet from neighbours on both sides and she’s been subjected to constant shooting from September to December. “I can’t sit out on my lawn,” she said.

Trillard started a petition last November calling for what she called ‘No Discharge Zones.

Brian McRae, a local resident who is Director of Government Affairs for Delta Waterfowl Ontario, a duck hunters’ organization, said hunting is a safe, well-regulated activity and if anyone is breaking the rules they should be reported to the OPP or conservation officers.

McRae said the issue “struck a nerve with hunters” because urban sprawl into Trent Hills has created conflicts between new residents and life-long residents.

The CCFR's Tracey Wilson was in attendance and reminded council that licensed firearms were already highly regulated in Ontario and did not pose a significant risk to public safety. She added that many hunt to feed their families, a protected right for Indigenous Canadians under Section 35(1) of the Constitution Act of 1982.

You can watch Tracey's full statement on our YouTube channel.

Robert Blair Anderson, a member of the Campbellford Pistol and Revolver Club, offered to come and talk to her neighbours to ensure they understand and are following safe hunting practices.

Retired police officer Joe Watson said council needed to insist that the OPP and conservation officers enforce existing laws, not draft another law...

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id="articleTitle" class="article-title">ALBERTA: NDP-Liberal Coalition Ignoring Criminals While Targeting Law-abiding Canadians

On April 24th, MLA for Bonneville-Cold Lake-St. Paul, Scott Cyr, rightly accused the NDP-Liberal coalition for targeting law-abiding gun owners and firearm retailers, rather than dangerous criminals who continue to endanger the public.

Minister of Justice Mickey Amery responded by promising to defend the firearms community, saying “The list of failures of this NDP-Liberal coalition is very, very long, but I want to assure all law-abiding firearms community members that on this side of the house, we will continue to stand up against Ottawa's intrusion on this issue.

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class="headline">EDITORIAL: 3 Reasons Canadian Gun Owners Should Remain Optimistic About the Future

Under Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, law-abiding gun owners have experienced, arguably, the largest, most sustained and unprovoked attack on our community in recent memory, and all by no fault of our own. It's been a tough time for hunters and sport shooters, to say the least. In the end, however, it might all be worth it, since it could finally settle the gun control debate in Canada, once and for all.

1. The Gun Bans Have (Very) Noticeably Failed

Even with the Liberal Party's American-style politics with near-constant rhetoric aimed at licensed firearms owners, the PMO's scandalous interference into the Nova Scotia massacre investigation, and eventual banning of hundreds of thousands of hunting and sporting rifles in May 2020... Violent crime committed with illegal guns got noticeably worse, with the country seeing unprecedented shootings and the highest murder rate in thirty (30) years.

2. Crime Gun Sources are Better Understood

After Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino presented the governments 'handgun freeze' legislation to the House of Commons, the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security and the Senate, he told Canadian media that Liberal Bill C-21 was ‘Canada's most significant legislation on gun violence in a generation.’ When the vast majority of experts disagreed, providing historical data and expert witness testimony, a frustrated Mendicino accused Conservative MPs and Senators of delaying the passage of the bill, saying ‘study the bill, debate the bill, and pass the bill, so we can end gun violence once and for all.’
Eventually, the bill was passed. As predicted, it has had no significant impact on criminal violence or gun crime, which continues to this day.

On the positive side, the process generated discussion among thousands of non-gun-owning Canadians and presented them with a large amount of peer-reviewed data, and expert testimony, that supports the safe and responsible use of firearms by hunters, sport shooters, and all types of licensed gun owners.

3. The Very Existence of Ghost Guns, Ends the Debate

Not only have Trudeau's gun bans and ‘tighter restrictions,’ failed to prevent the criminal use of firearms (or illegal gun smuggling), they've failed to do anything about the latest (and potentially greatest) risk to public safety: Ghost guns.

Ghost guns are easy-to-make, assembled from individual parts that are printed by 3D printers. 3D printers are unregulated, cheap, difficult to monitor, and are capable of producing a range of items, and yes, firearms. 3D firearms ‘don't have serial numbers on them and so evade typical legal, traceable registration processes that would otherwise help authorities track their ownership and use.’

While the federal Liberals were wasting millions in taxpayer dollars chasing hunters and sport shooters, 3D printers continued to be 100% legal to own and use by any criminal in the country.

In Summary

We know it has been a difficult time for gun owners under this ignorant and authoritarian-style liberal government... but it may just yet, produce some future good, some greater freedom, and more safety and security for all Canadians.

People who once trusted in Trudeau's government and legitimately thought licensed gun owners ‘were a problem,’ now, thanks to his governments complete failure to address the root causes of violence, know we aren't the problem...

...and that's a good thing for all Canadians.

- CCFR Staff

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id="articleTitle" class="article-title">BIZARRE: Saskatchewan Speaker Says He Was Threatened by Government MLAs, is Worried One is Packing a Gun

REGINA — The Speaker of the Saskatchewan legislature has cut up his party membership card and accused some members in Premier Scott Moe’s caucus of intimidating him to the point that he fears the government house leader is packing a handgun.

Randy Weekes told the chamber Thursday that when government house leader Jeremy Harrison disagreed with his rules, Harrison would yell, text Weekes, make threatening gestures and occasionally flash the inside of his suit jacket as if to reveal a concealed weapon.

“I worry (Harrison) might be carrying a handgun,” Weekes told the house.

He said Harrison also “flouted the rules” by bringing a hunting rifle into the legislature building.

“He owns many weapons, including a .223 AR-style four-shot clip lightweight, which looks like an assault weapon,” Weekes said.

“Weapons like these can be easily converted to more than four shots.”

Weekes has been part of the governing Saskatchewan Party but has to be impartial in his role as Speaker.

He said Harrison and the Saskatchewan Party caucus have tried to intimidate him to get him to bend to their will.

“Harrison and leadership just wanted me to do whatever they wanted,” Weekes told reporters after his speech in the house.

“They kept harassing me with text messages. The government house leader just shows utter contempt for the institution, for this legislature, by his behaviour. I just said enough is enough.”

Weekes made the comments on the last day of the spring sitting.

Harrison was not made available for comment.

Premier Scott Moe told reporters he hasn’t talked to Harrison about the accusations... (cont'd)

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class="detailHeadline" lang="en">‘The Logic is Apparently Beyond Them’

YouTuber Liberty Doll explains why using Canada's postal service (Canada Post) to confiscate firearms is not only wrong, but a really dumb idea, especially when it comes to public safety.

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id="articleTitle" class="article-title">Saskatchewan Lawyer Rejects Regulation of Bear Spray, Points to Liberals Failed Gun Bans as Evidence

Saskatoon defence lawyer Brian Pfefferle responds to the idea of regulating/banning bear spray after CBC Blue Sky host Leisha Grebinski suggests more Canadians are using it as a weapon, especially at-risk youth in urban areas.

“These are deep-seated issues. It's sort of like the idea of trying to say that like preventing handguns will save gun crime. Ask anybody, any defence councillor, like, no it won't... Gun crime is caused by socio-economic issues. It's caused by other issues. That saying that people always say, ‘Guns don't kill people. People kill people.’ It's absolutely true. he said.

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While NDP-Liberals continue to ignore their constituents, to date, only the Conservative Party of Canada has faithfully brought forward petitions on behalf of gun owners, requesting that sound moderators be made available for firearms owners.

Sound moderators are the only universally recognized health and safety device that is criminally prohibited in Canada, while the majority of G7 countries already recognize their health and safety benefits, and allow them for hunting, sport shooting and reducing noise pollution.

Who has brought forward petitions?

Of twenty-four (24) total petitions, Arnold Viersen (Peace River—Westlock, AB) has brought forward fifteen (15) petitions, Cathay Wagantall (Yorkton—Melville, SK) six (6), Damien Kurek (Battle River—Crowfoot, AB) two (2), and Ted Falk (Provencher, MB) one (1).

When were petitions brought forward?

#441-02456 - Ted Falk (May 8, 2024)
#441-02441 - Damien Kurek (May 6, 2024)
#441-02253 - Arnold Viersen (May 6, 2024)
#441-02126 - Cathay Wagantall (March 22, 2024)
#441-02125 - Cathay Wagantall (March 22, 2024)
#441-02124 - Cathay Wagantall (March 22, 2024)
#441-01954 - Arnold Viersen (Jan 29, 2024)
#441-01916 - Cathay Wagantall (Dec 15, 2023)
#441-01892 - Arnold Viersen (Dec 15, 2023)
#441-01845 - Cathay Wagantall (Dec 11, 2023)
#441-01827 - Arnold Viersen (Dec 11, 2023)
#441-01758 - Arnold Viersen (Nov 29, 2023)
#441-01730 - Arnold Viersen (Nov 20, 2023)
#441-01722 - Cathay Wagantall (Nov 20, 2023)
#441-01684 - Arnold Viersen (Nov 9, 2023)
#441-01612 - Arnold Viersen (Nov 1, 2023)
#441-00909 - Arnold Viersen (Jan 18, 2023)
#441-00870 - Arnold Viersen (Jan 18, 2023)
#441-00823 - Arnold Viersen (Dec 13, 2022)
#441-00817 - Arnold Viersen (Dec 9, 2022)
#441-00733 - Arnold Viersen (Nov 17, 2022)
#441-00722 - Arnold Viersen (Nov 16, 2022)
#441-00247 - Damien Kurek (May 6, 2022)
#441-00150 - Arnold Viersen (March 24, 2022)

The Liberal Party, NDP, Bloc Québécois, and Green Party have brought zero (0) petitions forward on behalf of their firearm-owning constituents.

At the CCFR, we continue to keep a close eye on all political parties, and candidates, so you can make informed decisions come election time.

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class="title details-title">Liberal Policies Hurting Small Businesses in Barrie, ON

Listen to Conservative MP Doug Shipley tell the House of Commons how the Liberal governments policies are hurting small businesses in Barrie, Ontario.

One local business, Limoncello Bistro, in the city's downtown, are being brutalized by repeat offenders. The restaurant just had its sixth break-in which will cost the owner thousands more in repairs.

Another local business, a firearm retailer, is being forced to hold onto expensive inventory he's not allowed to sell, but still required to pay tax on. All while the Liberal government schemes to spend an additional $30.4 million on a hunting rifle 'buyback' plan that doesn't actually exist, and hasn't purchased a single firearm from hurting retailers.

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class="style-scope ytd-watch-metadata">Alberta Mocks Trudeau on Failed Gun Buyback

When asked if she would invoke the Alberta Sovereignty Act to protect the rights of law-abiding firearms owners in her province, Premier Danielle Smith took the opportunity to congratulate the Trudeau government for blowing millions in taxpayer money without confiscating a single firearm.

Though she technically dodged the question, she did say that Alberta would not do anything to help Liberals confiscate firearms, and that the federal government should focus their efforts on securing the border and fighting illegal gun smuggling.

Rod and Tracey give their thoughts on Premier Smiths 'spicy' response.

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class="l-article__title">GUN BAN FAIL: Tow Truck Shootings Continue

Videos of two of the several shootings in the Toronto area over the weekend involving tow trucks show bullets fired from moving vehicles and hitting trucks.

In one case, surveillance videos taken on Saturday show a pickup truck with a tow company’s decals slow to a stop in the middle of the intersection of Markham Road and Munham Gate, the driver climbing out, wounded.

And in another case, a dash cam video shows a window roll down from a passing black Honda Civic, and several shots can be heard as the driver brakes and radios for help.

“Yo, someone shot my truck,” the driver can be heard saying on the video.

It’s the latest flare-up in a turf war in an industry riven with organized crime, as players fight over lucrative tow fees as well as the repair and storage charges that can add up to big profits.

The attack captured on dashcam video was at Markham Road, just south of the 401 Highway at 8pm on Saturday. No one was injured there – but it was a prelude to a violent weekend.

Just two hours later, police were called to the area of Finch Avenue East and Markham road for a similar incident.

Then on Sunday around 5pm, police say they found a man with a gunshot wound. The video suggests that is the driver of the pickup truck. Paramedics said they transported one patient to a local hospital with minor injuries.

The suspect fled in a vehicle, police said in a post on X. Police do not have a description available for this individual at this time. Witnesses who CTV news spoke to said they heard around three gunshots.

Early Monday morning, Durham Regional Police said they were investigating a fire at a tow yard on Altona Road and Kingston Road as arson.

A major figure in one prosecution of tow companies, Alexander Vinogradsky, was shot dead in March... (cont'd)

Continue reading at CP24

GUN BAN FAIL: Montreal Rapper “Dirty S” Gunned Down in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville District

A 27-year-old rapper linked to street gangs was killed by several gunshots on Tuesday evening in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville district of Montreal becoming the 11th murder victim in the city this year, and the second murder to be committed in less than 72 hours.

Sources within the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) say the victim, Christopher Shawn Jean Vilsaint, was a rapper well known in the industry who had links to ‘blue street gangs’ in the area.

Continue reading at Le Journal de Montréal

Two people are dead after shootings overnight in Toronto and Brampton.

Peel Regional Police said they were called to the area of Kennedy Road South and Stafford Drive in Brampton at around 4:16 a.m. Saturday.

“Officers arrived on scene and located an adult male inside of a vehicle suffering from gunshot wounds. He was transported to hospital, where he has since been pronounced deceased,” Const. Tyler Bell told reporters at the scene.

He said the victim was a man in his 40s from Toronto.

Bell said investigators are confident that the shooting was a targeted incident, though it’s not yet confirmed if the victim was the intended target.

He said an after-hours bar in the area of the shooting “was quite busy” at the time and there was “substantial pedestrian and vehicular traffic.”

“It’s too early to tell right now of the vehicles, of the folks that were leaving, whether any were suspects or folks just fleeing gunfire,” Bell said.

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class="title details-title">Group of Americans Pay Heavy Fines for Hunting Violations in Ontario

An Ontario court has fined 20 defendants, including eight Americans, a total of $178,400 and ordered them to pay $44,525 in surcharges for a variety of moose-hunting violations.

In addition, the court issued 59 years of hunting licence suspensions.

Court heard that Robert A. Green, Robert W. Green, Bob Green’s Fly-in Camps and Green Airways Ltd. operate a fly-in-only tourist outfitting business, with a main lodge on Mamakwash Lake, northeast of Red Lake.

An investigation by conservation officers determined that Robert A. Green, with the assistance of Robert W. Green, guided clients in wildlife management units where the clients were not licensed, directed clients to shoot moose from power boats and knowingly assisted with the retrieval and possession of moose killed illegally by these clients.

The defendants falsified mandatory tourist industry moose hunter reports to conceal the fact moose were killed without licenses...

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