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Friday, December 15, 2023


CCFR Radio – Ep 156: C-21 Has Become Law, Counsellor Gets Owned, Liberal Lie Full-Time

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In this episode: C-21 is now law. Senate report is a disaster, admitting C-21 won’t make Canadians safer, Senate doesn’t care. Radical Kingsville councillor tries to stomp gun owners, gets owned instead. Liberals try their biggest gaslighting operation yet.

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Senate passes contentious handgun ban Bill C-21 without amendments

The Liberals’ controversial Bill C-21, which cements a handgun ban and expands authority to seize firearms from licensed gun owners believed to pose a risk to others, passed in the Senate on Thursday without changes and became law on Friday.

Bill C-21 includes plans to make stricter gun laws to include “red flag” and “yellow flag” provisions about gun owners who may pose a risk to themselves or others.

Other changes that will affect gun owners under the new legislation will be a prospective Criminal Code “technical definition” of what constitutes a prohibited assault-style firearm so that a permanent ban on future models will be cemented into law once the bill comes into effect.

Firearms advocates say they are “deeply disappointed” by the bill.

“The most egregious part of this deeply flawed bill is the position police will be put in upon the death of every legal handgun owner. Imagine attending the homes of grieving widows and children to confiscate and destroy property that meant a lot to the people who owned them, and who’ve done nothing to warrant this,” said a statement from the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights. “If only this much effort and vigor was applied to the misuse of illicit guns by violent, repeat offenders.”

The CCFR said the Liberals are focused on the “wrong target.”

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In this meeting Senators are called to vote on Senator Plett's most recent amendment, followed by more debate, including excellent speeches calling for the rejection of Bill C-21 from Conservatives, Independent, and even some Progressives Senators.

The final vote is called and Bill C-21 is passed in the Senate to return to Parliament for Royal Assent.

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Watch law-abiding gun owner Scott Giles, and his local firearms community, come out and show Canadians (and his local government) exactly how it's done, in Kingsville, Ontario. This was in response to a single unprovoked motion, by Councillor Sheri Lowrie, that attempted to further restrict / regulate their local gun range. A range that had safely operated without issue, for a decade.

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Liberal gun bill passes Senate, but experts say it won't stop gun crime

“It’s been the goal of this government all along to target licensed sport shooters and hunters,” said Tracey Wilson, spokesperson for the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR).

“Our goal is to have this bill repealed, and have the focus return to combating crime, violence and gun smuggling.”

While the bill was touted as a means to tackle gun crime, concerns were raised by scholars and police officials that most crime guns found on Canadian streets are smuggled in from the United States — and in many cases, are firearms illegal to own in Canada.

Testifying before the House public safety committee during C-21 deliberations, Toronto Police Chief Myron Demkiw said 86 per cent of crime guns in the city in 2021 were smuggled from the United States — a trend on the increase since 2019, he said.

Describing C-21’s passage as a “solid victory for public safety,” gun control advocacy group PolySeSouvient praised the Trudeau Liberals but maintained that much of the bill’s public safety impact is linked to the strength of its regulations.

“Bill C-21 contains solid measures to better protect victims of domestic abuse from gun threats and violence thanks to a series of measures related to this oft-neglected aspect of gun control,” said spokesperson Nathalie Provost.

“These measures represent concrete and effective progress and will saves many lives, in particular due to the new automatic prohibition preventing an individual who is subject to a protection order from owning guns.”

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In this meeting, Senators Claude Carignan and Don Plett make excellent speeches and move amendments to Bill C-21. A vote occurs. Senator Deacon stands to speak about the effects of the bill on sport shooters. Liberal Senator Marc Gold gives notice of the governments intention to force the Time Allocation rule, limiting further debate to 6 hours (same as we saw in Parliament committee, SECU). Senate is adjourned.

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3D-printed guns seized by ALERT in Brooks, Alta.

Authorities seized a significant quantity of drugs as well as two 3D-printed handguns recently during warranted searches of six homes in Brooks, Alta.

Members of the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT) say on Oct. 4, with the assistance of Brooks RCMP and the Medicine Hat Police Service, the homes were searched as part of an investigation into drug trafficking.

During the operation, police found:

  • 762 grams of methamphetamine;
  • 742 grams of cocaine;
  • 159 grams of crack cocaine;
  • Illicit prescription pills; and
  • $2,000 cash.

ALERT says Alberta's provincial firearms solutions lab has received and examined 52 3D-printed firearms this year alone.

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Waterloo regional police have seized a number of guns that were bought using fake credit cards in Cambridge.

On Wednesday, a store in the area of Holiday Inn Drive and Groh Avenue reported the purchases to police.

The investigation took officers to Oakville where a search warrant was issued for a residence and a vehicle.

They found three guns which were purchased fraudulently, ammunition, outdoor sporting equipment and cash.

Two people, a 29-year-old Toronto woman and 36-year-old Oakville man, were charged with fraud over $5,000 and possession of property obtained by crime over $5,000.

The woman is also charged with four counts of unauthorized use of credit card data.

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33-year-old man dies after a shooting outside his Hamilton workplace

A 33-year-old man died following a shooting outside his workplace in Hamilton.

The shooting happened just after 5 p.m. outside of Satellite Tires on Nebo Road on Monday.

Hamilton police said the victim, identified as Spencer Laffin, managed to escape to a neighbouring property, where he was shot “several more times” and died.

Officers say Laffin is survived by his two-year-old son, his parents, sister, and grandmother.

Investigators are searching for the suspect vehicle, which they describe as a dark-coloured four-door SUV.

Police describe the shooting suspect as a roughly six-foot-tall man with a thin build who was seen wearing dark clothing and a surgical mask.

It is unclear what the motive for the shooting is, police said.

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Police release new photos after multiple shots fired into Kitchener crowd

Waterloo regional police are investigating a shooting in a Kitchener neighbourhood that sent one person to hospital.

Callers said multiple gun shots were fired into a crowd gathered in a parking lot at the intersection of Weber Street East and Kinzie Avenue around 2:25 a.m. Saturday.

One person, a 24-year-old woman, was shot and taken to a hospital outside the region.

Police said her injury was non-life-threatening.

“Investigators do believe this incident was targeted and there is no ongoing concern for public safety at this time,” said Const. Melissa Quarrie.

Police were on scene in the Centreville neighbourhood into Saturday afternoon.

“There’s an increased police presence in the area still as we conduct a canvas for investigative information, as well as to gather any video of the incident,” Quarrie said.

Saturday’s shooting is the 16th in Waterloo Region this year.

The violent incident has rattled some Centreville residents.

“It makes me very, very nervous, being in this area,” explained Laura. “There’s been way more shootings [and] stabbings, the traffic takedowns with guns and drugs are becoming more and more [frequent] in the last 25 years.”

She has concerns about the safety of the area, especially when out alone.

“Even just coming out after dark, like walking over to Zehrs or Dollarama. I won’t do it, and it’s sad that I have to feel this way,” Laura said.

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