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Friday, June 14, 2024


CCFR Radio EP 168: Rod’s Bear Hunt – Full Story, Gun in Sask Legislature? (Latest Episode)

For the latest information on what's been happening at the CCFR, check out our most recent Podcast with host Rod Giltaca.

In this episode: Full account of Rod’s bear hunt with Ashley Stuckless from High BC Hunting. MLA brings gun into Saskatchewan Legislature building? Quick summary of the CCFR AGM. All that and more!

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Audio-only Link: https://podcast.ccfr.ca/episodes/episode-168/

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CCFR at the CPC Outdoor Industry Symposium

This week Rod and Tracey joined the crew from Safari Club International (SCI) and headed to the Conservative Party of Canada's Outdoor Industry Symposium on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa.

Tracey got up close and personal with parliamentarians (and a sea lamprey!), while Rod presented, giving updates to other key stakeholders about the legislation and bans that affect the whole community.

Speakers included Mel Arnold, John Barlow, Blaine Calkins, Rick Perkins, SCI Canada, Jen Shears (Natural Boutique), the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and of course, Pierre and Anaida Poilievre.

2024 CCFR Gunnie Girl Calendar: Ms. June

Taking a bright jump into summer, it’s already June in our 2024 CCFR Gunnie Girl calendar. Let’s say hello to our model and sponsor for this month!

Model/CCFR Member: Amy
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TORONTO — For Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, even something as serious as ending shootings in Toronto is about making announcements, not getting results.

After a week of shocking and outrageous shootings, Toronto Centre MP and Trudeau cabinet minister Marci Ien was bragging about what her government had done.

Of course, shootings are up again in Toronto, and we saw a brazen attack that killed two men last Sunday, but Ien was still boasting.

“It’s now illegal for anyone in your community to buy, sell, transfer, or import a handgun,” Ien posted to X just before 9:30 Friday night.

“We don’t listen to the gun lobby. We listen to survivors and communities who’ve experienced gun violence, and want these weapons off our streets.”

It’s a nice sentiment, but it doesn’t address reality.

Two men were shot and killed, several more injured after two other men opened fire last Sunday night near a Rexdale high school. More than 50 shots were fired just before 11 p.m. as two teams relaxed and lingered following a late evening soccer game.

Now, Delroy George Parkes, 61, and Seymour Gibbs, 46, are both dead, their families in mourning.

Earlier that day, a 14-year-old boy was randomly shot as he left his apartment building, also in Rexdale.

Neither Ien’s actions nor those of the Trudeau government have done anything to stop these shootings or other gun violence. And we know about a violent carjacking with a gun at Finch Ave. E. and McCowan Rd., in Scarborough, but how many more that we don’t know about have gone down in recent days and weeks?

Continue reading at The Toronto Sun

LIBERALS: Our Government is ‘Proud’ of Costly and Mishandled Deer Cull, Wasted Tax Payer Funds

SENATE OF CANADA — Conservative Senators Don Plett and Yonah Martin present the latest stats (and spending) from the Liberal governments embarrassing deer cull on Sidney Island.

Trudeau representative Senator Marc Gold, who clearly showed he had very little knowledge of the incident, smugly excused his governments actions saying, “This government is proud of the measures it has taken...”

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The Vilification of Hunter and MLA Jeremy Harrison

SASKATCHEWAN — Watch this interesting commentary on the recent campaign by Sask NDP and news media to cancel MLA and hunter, Jeremy Harrison.

Rod and Tracey discuss the fake outrage, selective details, and ridiculous accusations coming from a sour House Speaker and opposition NDP.

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Trudeau Liberals Record on Gun Crime: Horrific

BRIDGE CITY NEWS — Political Analyst Brian Lilley tells Bridge City News Anchor Hal Roberts that when it comes to public safety, Liberals treat their ‘announcements,’ like they're ‘policies.’

In reality, violent crime and criminal gun violence is up all across Canada.

“Do you remember when carjacking, with a gun pointed at you, was something we thought of [happened only] in L.A.!?" Lilley said. "Their only reaction has been to make life more difficult for hunters and sport shooters, while making life easier for gangsters with guns.”

You can watch the full Political Affairs Update here.

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Gun Owners Warned Canadians Their Property Was Next...

The federal government banned lawfully owned rifles and handguns.

They're going to ban your gas-powered vehicles.

They've raised taxes to make it even more difficult to keep your home.

Now farmers are being FORCED to sell off their land,

or like legal firearms... they'll just confiscate it.

Things are heating up, but what can Canadians do about it?

Reject Trudeau's gun bans and property confiscation, GET INVOLVED in our historic court case (CCFR v Canada)!

Fight for your right to own and enjoy property!

Visit propertyjustice.ca and join the fight!


Fed Up With Crime, This Ottawa Store Owner Took Matters Into His Own Hands

BARRHAVEN — A store owner in Barrhaven who has been robbed multiple times wasn't going to let it happen again. Against the advice of police, he stepped in to stop another robbery from happening right in his store.

It happened at an eye glasses store called Eyes of Barrhaven on Strandherd Drive near Citigate Drive.

It unfolded in minutes during daylight hours on Monday. The store owner says the suspects walked in and started taking items off the shelves. That's when he jumped into action.

Surveillance video shows the moment four people walked into the store, the situation quickly escalating.

"Two of them were masked. They looked like they were not interested in buying anything. They were just coming in to take merchandise like they've done in the past five other times. And we just had enough of it," said Awni George, the owner of Eyes of Barrhaven.

George says he witnessed the thieves pocketing designer sunglasses and eyewear off the shelves.

"I was pushed by the individual as he took the frames right in front of me and said, 'You can't do anything about it.' And those were his words to me, 'We're going to come in here and we're going to take whatever we want and walk out.'"

Moving quickly, George stopped the robbery, perfoming a citizen's arrest...

Continue reading at CTV News

BRITISH COLUMBIA — Do you remember your first hunting trip?

Whether you came home with something or not, it's a special time full of unforgettable memories!

Watch as Rod recounts the highs (and the lows) of his first hunt trip with Canadian hunter Ashley Stuckless from High BC Hunting. This preview includes some beautiful video clips from the full experience, which will be broadcast on an upcoming episode of Ashley's show next season!

Watch on YouTube

13 Suspects Arrested in Quebec: 440 Firearms Seized

QUEBEC — One year after a mega-operation carried out across Canada which notably led to the seizure of 440 firearms, 13 suspects were arrested in Quebec for their alleged involvement in a vast arms trafficking and manufacturing network, authorities announced Friday morning.

The arrests were made over two days in the municipalities of Montreal, Berthierville, New Carlisle, Repentigny, Gatineau, Quebec and Saint-Calixte.

Joël Hector, 39, a resident of the Côte-des-Neiges neighborhood from whom at least one 3D printer was seized on June 20, and Montrealer David Duvall, 34, face several criminal weapons charges.

The other suspects arrested, eight men aged 26 to 63 and three women in their mid-30s, were released on a promise to appear in court at a later date.

They could potentially be charged with weapons possession for the purpose of trafficking, and manufacturing of firearms.

These 13 arrests come almost a year to the day after a huge police operation carried out simultaneously in eight Canadian provinces, including Quebec.

Agents from around twenty police forces across the country then carried out 64 searches and arrested 45 suspects...

Continue reading at TVA Nouvelles

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GUN BAN FAIL: Two People On Weapons Prohibitions Charged With New Weapons Related Offences

PETERBOROUGH — Two people are facing weapons charges after a traffic stop by Peterborough County OPP.

Officers were conducting general patrol when a vehicle caught their attention as it appeared to be swerving in its lane on June 7th.

Officers conducted a traffic stop and while speaking with the driver allegedly observed drug paraphernalia within reach of the driver. During the interaction, officers say they observed a magazine for a firearm in the rear of the vehicle. Upon investigation, both the magazine and a rifle were located in the vehicle. Police say both the driver and passenger were found to be currently on weapons prohibitions. Both were arrested on the scene.

39-year-old Jesse Garlow of Douro-Dummer Twp, ON, was arrested and charged...

Continue reading at Kawartha 411

Marci Ien Takes Shot at CCFR, Brian Lilley Fires Back

TORONTO — Toronto Sun Journalist and Political Analyst, Brian Lilley, released a short video on X responding to out-of-touch Liberal MP, and former employee of CTV, Marci Ien who posted this on X:

"It’s now illegal for anyone in your community to buy, sell, transfer, or import a handgun.

We don’t listen to the gun lobby. We listen to survivors and communities who’ve experienced gun violence, and want these weapons off our streets."

Lilley fired back saying:

"As shootings by gangsters go up, Trudeau Liberals brag about their record on guns. They really shouldn't. Here's why."

Watch Lilley's great video attached to his post.

Watch on X

GUN BAN FAIL: Sandy Bay Man Caught & Charged

MANITOBA — A 29-year-old from Sandy Bay First Nation is facing several charges after a crime spree in the community.

On June 11, Manitoba First Nations Police Service (MFNPS) officers received a report that a stolen truck was driving in the community with multiple people inside with a firearm. When patrolling the area, officers spotted the vehicle on Main Road. The driver fled from police at a high rate of speed; however, officers were able to identify the driver.

The vehicle was located outside of a residence on Lake Road South. After a short foot pursuit, the driver was arrested without further incident and it was found that the truck was stolen from Carman, Manitoba. A 22-250 rifle was also found.

Jordan Kenneth BEAULIEU (29-year-old) of Sandy Bay was held in custody and charged with the following offences;

  • Possession of property obtained by crime over $5000
  • Unauthorized possession of a firearm
  • Possession of a firearm when knowing possession is unauthorized
  • Unsafe storage of a firearm
  • Possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose
  • Possession of a firearm/ammunition in a motor vehicle
  • Weapon possession contrary to order
  • Fail to comply with release order condition x2
Continue reading at 730 CKDM

BRITISH COLUMBIA — A Nanaimo man is facing weapon and drug charges after police and border service agents seized 'ghost guns' and other firearms, and cocaine, methamphetamine and other drugs.

The Canada Border Services Agency issued a press release Thursday, June 13, advising that charges were laid against Cody Edward Ranger on May 15 in provincial court in Nanaimo.

According to the release, CBSA launched an investigation after intercepting three silencers at Vancouver International Airport's cargo operations in the summer and fall of 2022.

In the spring of 2023, CBSA criminal investigators, with assistance from the Vancouver Island District RCMP emergency response team, searched a home and two vehicles in Nanaimo and seized two homemade 'ghost guns,' a prohibited shotgun, a restricted rifle, two non-restricted rifles, ammunition, 335 grams of cocaine, 119 grams of meth, smaller amounts of MDMA and psilocybin and 22 electronic devices.

The accused was charged with three counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking and various weapons offences...

Continue reading at Goldstream Gazette

New Zealand to Reform 'Outdated' Firearm Laws

WELLINGTON, NZ — The New Zealand government said on Friday it would reform the country's "outdated and complicated" firearm laws which have been in place for more than 40 years.

New Zealand's previous government tightened firearm laws after a gunman killed 51 Muslim worshippers in Christchurch 2019 in the country's worst peace-time mass shooting. While gun violence in New Zealand was rare, it has been increasing in recent years.

Associate Justice Minister Nicole McKee said on Friday that it was now time to update the country's Arms Act to make sure its fit for purpose for today and into the future.

"The Arms Act has been in place for over 40 years. It has been amended several times – in a piecemeal, and sometimes rushed way," McKee said in a statement.

"This has resulted in outdated and complicated requirements that unfairly target licensed firearms owners, often with no clear benefit to public safety," said McKee, who was formerly the spokesperson for the Council of Licensed Firearms Owners.
The current government has already introduced the Firearms Prohibition Orders Legislation Bill. The changes include making it harder for gang members to own guns but easier for people to have a ban on gun ownership lifted. It is also undertaking a consultation on the regulation of shooting clubs...
Continue reading on Reuters


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