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Friday, October 13, 2023


CCFR Radio – Ep 150: Bill C21 Marches On, Libs Roll Out New Public Safety Dream Team LOL (Latest Episode)

For the latest information on what's been happening at the CCFR, check out our most recent Podcast with host Rod Giltaca.

In this episode: BREAKING! Justice Kane will render a decision on CCFR v Canada by the end of October! The Liberals roll out their new Public Safety dream team, what a mess. Bill C-21 hits the Senate. Poly continues being Poly. Docs hold a “friends only” firearm violence conference (so weak).

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In an announcement Wednesday, the federal Liberal government admitted they have no idea how to confiscate the legally acquired guns of owners across the country, after banning them by OIC back in May of 2020.

The amnesty that protects gun owners has been extended until October 30, 2025 - a date AFTER the next scheduled general election.

Of note, this extension comes after the CCFR filed an injunction in the federal court to force the government to extend the amnesty, and after an emergency letter by CPC Public Safety Shadow Minister Raquel Dancho and colleague Blaine Calkins, Shadow Minister for Hunting, Fishing and Trapping, along with massive opposition by all of you.

Read more at FirearmRights.ca

Liberals extend gun ban amnesty amid legal challenge from firearms group

The government has said that the extension is necessary to ensure public safety and to give more time for the development of the buyback program.

Ottawa’s extension comes after a legal challenge by the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR), a gun advocacy group that argues that the order is unconstitutional and infringes on the rights of law-abiding gun owners. 

The CCFR has also launched a public campaign to raise awareness and opposition to the order, and to pressure the government to reverse it.

According to the gun-rights group, the order is based on political motives and not on evidence, and that it targets firearms that are rarely used in crimes.

In a CCFR Radio segment, the group’s CEO and executive director Rod Giltaca said that the move was an attempt to trip up Canadians.

“Obviously, it’s not us that’s forcing the government to renew the amnesty, they would do it anyway but as I said in the last episode the reason we’re doing this is they should have renewed that three months ago,” said Giltaca. 

The CCFR is awaiting a decision from Justice Kane of the Federal Court, who heard their case in June. 

The decision is expected by the end of October, and could have significant implications for the future of the order and the buyback program. The CCFR has said that it will continue to fight for the rights of gun owners and to challenge the order in court and in public opinion.

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LAWTON: Liberals extend gun ban amnesty for second time

Following the news of the amnesty extension, Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights spokesperson Tracey Wilson joined True North’s Andrew Lawton to discuss the challenges and uncertainty faced by gun owners in the weeks leading up to the extension.

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WATCH: Government Revokes Authorizations For Some Tavor Buyers -- A Lawyer Explains

Watch Ian Runkle dive into the recent debacle over some IWI Tavor model registration certificates being revoked by the RCMP and demanding that they be turned in to law enforcement, destroyed, or deactivated by buyers.

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In this episode: Tracey Wilson from the CCFR is on to talk about the amnesty extension, give an update on the court case, and answer listener questions.

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Fatal Grizzly Mauling In Canada Rekindles ‘Guns Vs. Bear Spray’ Debate

A gun was not a legal option for two adventurers in Canada, who were mauled to death by a grizzly last week, because Canada doesn’t allow civilians to have firearms in its national parks. An empty can of bear spray was found at the scene.

“There are scenarios where a firearm is a better option,” said wildlife biologist Frank van Manen. “For example, when dealing with an extremely aggressive bear, situations where bear spray did not deter the animal or when a firearm provides a quicker response time.”

Read more at Cowboy State Daily

AK-47 seized in drug trafficking investigation

Firearms, including an AK-47 rifle, were seized in Red Deer as part of a fentanyl trafficking investigation. Three people were charged, including an armed robbery suspect.

The AK-47, which is already banned in Canada, was seized from an apartment in the Clearview Ridge neighbourhood along with various amount of ammunition. How the semi-automatic rifle was acquired is being further investigated. Meanwhile, one of the handguns seized was confirmed to have been previously stolen in the Vermillion Alta. area.

Read more at ALERT Alberta

Armed carjacking in Oakville sees victim grabbed by her hair as children watch

Halton police are investigating following a violent carjacking in Oakville on Oct. 7.

At around 9:15 p.m., a woman was in the parking lot of the Cineplex theatre at 3531 Wyecroft Rd. loading children into a vehicle when a suspect approached from behind, allegedly grabbed her by her hair and forced her to the ground, police said.

“The suspect pointed a gun at the victim,” said Const. Ryan Anderson, Halton police media officer.

“The suspect took the victim’s purse, which contained keys to her vehicle.”

The individual reportedly then stole the victim’s vehicle, described as an Escalade.

A second suspect was seen leaving the area in a grey SUV, police said.

The woman received minor injuries during this incident.

None of the children were physically hurt.

Continue reading at InsideHalton.com

Thanksgiving shooting at Pickering Casino leaves security guard dead

Investigator say they are searching for multiple men and women who fled the scene after a 34-year-old security guard was fatally gunned down at a Pickering casino early Thanksgiving Day. 

At around 5:05 a.m., police received a call for “numerous shots” fired at the casino, Durham Regional Police Sgt. Joanne Bortoluss told CP24.

The victim — who has been identified Michael Ferdinand — was rushed to hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

“I can advise that we are looking for multiple males and females that are believed to be involved in this incident that did flee the casino immediately following the shooting,” Bortoluss said.

She said it's not yet clear how long the suspect(s) were inside casino beforehand or why one of the members of the group fired multiple shots at the guard.

“It's obviously safe to say somebody was armed going into the casino and we are working very diligently with the casino, as well as witnesses, as well as members of our homicide unit to piece together what happened and to apprehend those responsible,” Bortoluss said.

Continue reading at CP24

Highway 17 Traffic Stop in NW Ont. Leads to Firearms Arrests: Four Individuals Facing Serious Charges

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officers from the Emergency Response Team and Dryden Detachment successfully apprehended four individuals following a traffic stop on Highway 17 in Revell Township, just west of Ignace. The stop, conducted for stunt driving, escalated when a loaded firearm was discovered in the vehicle.

All four individuals were charged with unauthorized possession of a prohibited or restricted firearm, among other charges.

Continue reading at Net News Ledger

Man, 19, killed in Orleans shooting Wednesday evening

A 19-year-old man is dead and an 18-year-old man is facing charges following an evening shooting in Orléans.

Emergency crews responded to a call in the area of Oaklawn Crescent, near Tenth Line Road and Charlemagne Boulevard, at approximately 9:15 p.m. on Wednesday. An Ottawa paramedic spokesperson told CTV News Ottawa that paramedics transported a man found at the scene to hospital with gunshot wounds. 

The victim died in hospital.

Ottawa police identified the victim as Brendan Mukoma.

"An 18-year-old suspect is in custody and the investigation is continuing," police said in a statement.

On Thursday afternoon, Ottawa police announced 18-year-old Anthony Jamieson is facing a charge of first-degree murder. Jamieson was scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.

Continue reading at CTV News Ottawa

Fake guns on North Vancouver amateur film set draws massive police presence

The North Vancouver RCMP is clearing the air after police say they received calls about several men carrying rifles and wearing body armour last Friday afternoon.

Mounties were called to an underground parking lot on Marine Drive just after 5:30 p.m.

When officers arrived they discovered the reported guns and body armour were all fake and part of an amateur film project.

However, the group did not obtain the necessary permits nor did they inform nearby businesses or residents of their filming.

Police say they used the incident as an opportunity to educate the group, ultimately letting them go with a warning.

Const. Mansoor Sahak says no one was injured.

He adds the North Vancouver RCMP takes reports involving firearms seriously.

“Police take firearms complaints very seriously due to the threat they pose to public and officer safety. We will respond with appropriate resources, tactics, and level of force each time,” said Sahak.

“In this instance, we are glad that no one was seriously injured while responding to the potential threat. However, incidents like these have a negative impact on our ability to respond to other real emergencies that are occurring in the city,” he added.

Continue reading at CityNews Vancouver

Smith & Wesson celebrates new headquarters opening in gun-friendly Tennessee

Gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson hosted a grand opening of its new Tennessee headquarters Saturday after moving from its longtime home in Massachusetts to a more gun-friendly state.

The company built a new 650,000-square feet (60,387-square meters) headquarters in Maryville, Tennessee, as part of a $125 million relocation plan announced in 2021. Tours were offered at the new facility on Saturday.

The gunmaker had been located in Springfield, Massachusetts, since the mid-19th century, but company officials have said legislative proposals in that state would prohibit them from manufacturing certain weapons. Massachusetts is known to have some of the country’s strictest gun laws.

Watch a One Year Timelapse of the factory construction on YouTube

Continue reading at National Post

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