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Friday, May 10, 2024


CCFR Radio EP 166: Toxic Liberal Drops Out, Canadian Rifle Contest Winner, Canada Post Refuses (NEW)

For the latest information on what's been happening at the CCFR, check out our most recent Podcast with host Rod Giltaca.

In this episode: Mega episode! Toxic Liberal rolls out fainting couch but will stay for 18 months. Anti-gunners want gov’t to FORCE Canada Post to facilitate buyback. Winner announced in All Canadian Rifle Contest. Video for CCFR’s Best Day Ever contest, and more.

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The situation was urgent, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said four years ago, nearly to the day. There was no time to go through Parliament – Canadian lives were at stake – which is why his government had to implement gun control changes immediately through an order-in-council. With essentially a stroke of his pen, Mr. Trudeau banned the sale, import, transfer and use of 1,500 of what he called “military-style assault rifles” (a made-up designation; he might as well called them “scary looking monster guns”).

The announcement came in the wake of the horrific mass shooting in Nova Scotia, where a gunman killed 22 people – notably, with weapons he obtained illegally. The government’s announcement, however, was about prohibiting the legal ownership of certain semi-automatic firearms.

“There’s no place for these weapons. They’re the choice of people who engage in mass murder,” then-public safety minister Bill Blair said. “Banning assault-style firearms will save Canadian lives.” (In practice, firearm-related homicide actually increased 23 per cent in Canada from 2020 to 2022.)

The government gave itself two years to develop a buyback program, which would offer owners fair compensation for their newly prohibited weapons and grant them amnesty for their possession in the interim. (The buyback was actually a 2019 campaign promise.) The government extended that deadline first in March, 2022, to “address issues that have been identified since 2020,” and then again in October, 2023, for another two years.

The status quo, then, is that these deadly weapons, for which Mr. Trudeau said there is “no use, and no place” in Canada, and which needed to be banned immediately, can remain in Canadians’ hands and homes until October, 2025. The ban is still technically in place, meaning that legal gun owners can’t actually use the prohibited weapons in any way, but that won’t affect – and hasn’t affected – rates of firearm-related violent crimes, which reached record levels in 2022. But that makes sense when most of the crimes committed with firearms are committed by those who obtain them illegally. Indeed, according to Statistics Canada, “the firearms used in homicides [in 2022] were rarely legal firearms used by their legal owners who were in good standing...”

Note: This great article is behind a paywall, but we've made it available to all CCFR subscribers in our Telegram chat (free for anyone, requires the free app) and our Discord server (requires membership verification to view all channels. Details in server).

Continue reading at Globe and Mail

Trent Hills, ON: Gun Owners Rally to Save Firearm Rights

On May 7th, 2024, the Municipality of Trent Hills held an open public meeting to discuss the potential creation of new firearms discharge by-law, after receiving complaints from a group of local residents who complained that duck hunters were discharging their firearm too close to dwellings. The meeting was well attended, including representation from the CCFR's Tracey Wilson, Brian McRae of Delta Waterfowl Ontario, Armalytics Owner Zak Whittamore, and several local hunters and firearms owners who did an amazing job representing their community.

As always, we have you covered. You can watch the full meeting here.

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Handgun violence: Taking aim at which gun control strategies work and don’t work

For some time now, the common thread between targeted murders, deaths or injuries of bystanders, communal mourning and even robberies, has been the choice of weapon: handguns.

Despite efforts by the federal government to implement more restrictive gun legislation in recent years, the intensification of gun-related crime suggests it is time to reimagine our approach to gun control.

Just last year, Statistics Canada’s police-reported crime statistics for 2022 revealed that there were 9,198 victims of gun-related crime, representing 30.8 victims for every 100,000 Canadians.

In comparison to 2021, this rate was 10 per cent higher, and 60 per cent higher than 2013. Also reported were 4,741 incidents of gun usage, translating to 12.2 incidents for every 100,000 Canadians. This was a four per cent increase from 2021, and a 106 per cent increase from 10 years prior.

Gun-related homicides saw a slight increase in 2022, but more troubling was that 63 per cent of gun-related homicides were committed with a handgun. Assuming the trend continues, we will see another increase in gun-related incidents and homicides in 2023 and 2024.

These increases came after the federal government made a host of refinements to gun control legislation. Since 2019, the federal government has expanded background checks, banned 1,500 models of assault weapons, imposed a national handgun freeze and committed $250 million to address the root causes of gun and gang violence.

Despite these measures, a key pressure point to reduce handgun flows has been neglected: the Canada-U.S. border...

At large, Canada’s gun control strategy levies restrictions on legal gun ownership to reduce the availability of guns that could be stolen or illegally sold. Theoretically, this strategy of restriction is where handgun bans pull from, again, targeting legal owners with anticipated effects on illegal ownership.

The problem here is that the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has indicated that one-third of Canadian guns used in crimes were illegally exported from the U.S. between 2017 and 2021.

In just Toronto, 85 per cent of all crime-related handguns traced by police came from the U.S., suggesting that banning handguns would yield similar results, rendering it ineffective.

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Cristina Howorun's New Documentary Released

CityNews reporter Cristina Howorun's newest full-length mini-documentary was released questioning the effectiveness of the Liberal governments gun control legislation, as well as it's attack on law-abiding firearms owners. Howorun speaks to forensics officers in Alberta, Justice Minister Mickey Amery, the CCFR's VP of Communications, Tracey Wilson, and Owner of The Shooting Edge, J.R. Cox.

Watch the full documentary on CityNews Calgary, or on X.

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Pierre gets Trudeau to admit 'banned guns,' are still legal to own in Canada

One thing the Liberal government has tried to do over the past four years is convince Canadian voters they've taken so-called assault-style weapons off the streets.

In reality, while the federal government wastes time going after licensed, RCMP-vetted gun owners, criminals continue to smuggle thousands of illegal firearms, including fully automatic guns, into the country from the United States.

Watch as Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre gets Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to admit that despite his hate-filled rhetoric toward firearms owners, nothing has actually changed (ie. we still have our firearms)...

What has changed?

While law-abiding gun owners have been forced to keep some of their firearms under lock and key in our safes, criminal violence (including incidents committed with illegal guns) has risen 101% in Canada.

A fact Trudeau is desperate to hide that from his voters, because it exposes yet one more way the Liberals have wasted millions in Canadian tax dollars. All while completely ignoring Canada's crime and illegal gun problem.

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Throwback: The old shooting ranges inside two Ottawa schools

During the Second World War, shooting ranges occupied parts of the Lisgar Collegiate Institute and Glebe Collegiate Institute. At Lisgar, a rifle range for the cadet corps was added in 1912 which is now closed off to students, and still sports wartime graffiti to this day. At Glebe, the rifle range occupied the basement, which was reconstructed for firearm training in 1941.
Continue reading at Ottawa Citizen

The numbers are in and despite the federal governments near constant attack on licensed gun owners, Canada has seen a jump of almost 100,000 new PAL holders since 2022.

Rod and Tracey dig into this latest development and why it shows that we are winning the fight for firearm rights in Canada, and that the majority of Canadians are rejecting the Liberals attempts to disarm law-abiding citizens.

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Police Chiefs across the country have been telling the Trudeau government they're fearful for their officers as violent offenders are able to continuously terrify communities as a result of the Liberals soft-on-crime policies.

“Since 2015, Canada has become a massive importer of illegal firearms from the United States, and a massive exporter of stolen cars to Africa and the Middle East, and also an exporter of Fentanyl across the world. It's shameful,” said Member of Parliament for Sturgeon River—Parkland, Dane Lloyd.

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This 'My First Day at the Range' event was hosted by Reliable Gun Vancouver, Silvercore Outdoors and The Range Langley, where youth got to experience safely shooting their very first pistols and rifles.

Watch as a safe and fun day was enjoyed by all!

Video created by @LloydFromCanada & @GrayDadGear

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GUN BAN FAIL: They came to Canada on student visas and now face charges in B.C. Sikh leader's death

Two of the three men charged in the killing of B.C. Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar arrived in Canada on student visas, according to the Times of India newspaper.

Kamalpreet Singh, 22, and Karan Brar, 22, came to Canada as students from the Indian state of Punjab, their hometowns separated by roughly 100 km. Both men received their visas in 2019 and were, according to the Times of India, from “well off families” with agricultural backgrounds.

“For us, everything was normal ‘til we received this shock,” Satnam Singh, Kamalpreet’s father said. His son and Karanpreet Singh, the third person charged in the assassination, lived together, but he had not heard of Brar, Satnam said. Karanpreet, 28, is also from Punjab and worked as a driver in Canada.

On Tuesday, the suspects wore orange jumpsuits and briefly responded to questions from B.C. Judge Delaram Jahani in separate appearances at Surrey Provincial Court.

All three men, who were arrested in Edmonton on Friday, face charges of first-degree murder (with a firearm) and conspiracy to commit murder in last June’s killing of Sikh separatist Nijjar, whose murder sent Canada’s relations with India into disarray.

Two of the accused were the gunmen while a third drove the getaway vehicle, according to police...

Continue reading at National Post

A couple arrested for possession of firearms in Shawinigan

A search was underway on Wednesday in a residence on 16th Street in Shawinigan. A 63-year-old man and a 42-year-old woman were arrested at the scene.

The police operation mobilized around ten police officers from the Sureté du Québec. The police located a firearm and ammunition in the residence.

The couple was arrested for unauthorized possession of a firearm, negligent use and storage of a firearm and breach of condition.

The suspects are expected to appear at the Shawinigan courthouse later today. The woman was released.

The police operation was part of the CENTAURE Strategy, which has a mandate to ensure constant pressure on organized crime and actively combat armed violence in Quebec.

Continue reading at TVA Nouvelles

Two men were caught in North York with loaded guns and cocaine in a stolen vehicle that had paper licence plates, according to police.

And one of the accused was not only out on bail for prior gun and drug charges, he was also wanted by other police services for various offences.

York Regional Police say Auto Cargo Theft Unit (ACTU) officers spotted a suspected stolen vehicle with “fake paper licence plates” on May 1.

“The vehicle stopped at a gas station in the area of Jane St. and Wilson Ave., in Toronto, where investigators arrested the men,” Const. Kevin Nebrija said in a statement released Wednesday.

“A brief struggle ensued while placing the driver under arrest and a loaded firearm was located in his waistband,” he alleged. “The passenger was arrested and a satchel found on the front passenger seat had a loaded firearm inside.”

Continue reading at The Toronto Sun

Charging Grizzly Killed by Handgun-Wielding Shed Hunter

Ashed hunter shot and killed a sow grizzly bear last month as the 300-pound bruin charged him in western Montana.

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (FWP) reports that the incident occurred on private land northwest of the town of Wolf Creek. The shed hunter, who has not been identified, was walking along a ridge when he saw a grizzly standing near the top of the ridge about 20 yards away.

The low trees and brush had kept him from seeing the bear, though he had seen a fresh grizzly track in a snow patch a short time earlier. But the bear was almost certainly aware of his presence. He had been walking with the wind at his back, and his two dogs were with him.

When the bear saw him, it dropped on all fours and charged. Montana FWP says the man was not carrying bear spray, but he drew his handgun and fired five shots at distances between 10 and 30 feet. Three of the shots missed, but one grazed the bear, and another killed it.

A Montana FWP spokesman said the bear was shot in the “upper chest area,” though he couldn’t share any additional information about the gun or caliber.

The hunter was not injured in the encounter.

The bear was an adult female estimated to be about...

Continue reading at TheMeatEater.com


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