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CCFR Radio – Ep 132: Holy Sh**, Liberal narrative collapsing, CCFR embroiled in controversy

For the latest information on what's been happening at the CCFR, check out our most recent Podcast with host Rod Giltaca.

In this episode: The flames are reaching the sky in your battle to keep your firearms! RCMP refusing RPAL applications, Promocode controversy, C-21 committee exploding, Liberal narrative crumbling, NDP/Bloc MPs run for the exits. Letter writing campaigns in full swing and more!

List of future prohibited firearms in Canada: https://firearmrights.ca/full-list-of-firearms-banned-through-c-21-revealed/


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It felt like day one in your average firearms training or hunter safety course, as Liberal Taleeb "backbencher" Noormohamed ran out the clock asking question after question to Murray Smith in this session.

Watch on YouTube here

Assembly of First Nations passes emergency resolution to oppose federal gun control legislation

Chiefs and proxies in attendance at the Assembly of First Nations' (AFN) special chiefs assembly in Ottawa Thursday passed an emergency resolution to oppose Bill C-21, a bill initially proposed to ban handguns that the federal government is attempting to amend with a new list of long guns to be banned.

First Nations leaders say the amendments to potentially criminalize long guns infringes on First Nations and treaty rights to hunt and harvest.

"Our people always lived off the land," said Frank McKay, proxy for Koocheching First Nation, Ont., to the assembly on Thursday.

"We don't do sports hunting, we use it for sustenance."

Kitigan Zibi Chief Dylan Whiteduck said the Quebec caucus also opposed the legislation when it met Wednesday.

"It's a tool. It's not a weapon," he said.

Read more at CBC News here

CAN’T SNEAK ONE BY CAREY: Canadiens goalie says Liberals' gun bill is unjust

Watch as Sun political columnist Lorne Gunter speaks highly of Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price with him standing up to the recent Liberals gun confiscation tactic 

Watch at Edmonton Sun here

Justin Trudeau takes fire from one of his own MPs over ‘problematic’ firearms bans

Liberal members of Parliament are now adding their voices to a growing chorus of people demanding a fix to the government’s efforts to further restrict firearms.

MPs said Wednesday they’re being thrust into playing the role of firearms analysts for Canadians bombarding them with technical questions about the government’s proposed new gun restrictions, and that Ottawa needs to fix the confusion fast.

Nova Scotia MP Kody Blois, head of the Liberal rural caucus, said he’s always backed the government’s efforts to restrict handguns and tighten the rules on assault-style weapons — something the Liberals did with a sweeping order-in-council two years ago.

“But my line in the sand has always been hunting and rifles,” Blois said Wednesday.

“The way the amendment reads right now is problematic.”

Read more at Toronto Star here

Raquel Dancho, with full support, addressed the media about being removed from the House of Commons after refusing to apologize for calling an opposition MP a 'liar' in regards to secret meeting held without her parties knowledge regarding Bill C-21.

Collaboration between the Bloc Quebecois, NDP and Liberals has been ongoing during Public Safety Committee on Marco Mendicino's bill.

Watch on YouTube here

Sabrina Maddeaux: Liberals focus on useless gun ban rather than addressing women's safety

Over the last year, in Ontario alone, 52 women and girls were murdered by men, often ones who were well known to them. That’s one woman per week.

This week, Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price apologized after he posted a pro-hunting gun message on Instagram days before the Polytechnique anniversary. Mass outrage ensued, with many condemning Price for being insensitive.

Yet it seems more offensive that, instead of considering concrete solutions to stop gender-based violence, so many Canadians’ attention is swept up debating hunting rifles that are rarely used in femicides. Conflating hunting and sport shooting with gender-based violence does little to actually prevent future violence, but it does serve a political purpose.

Even when men kill men, they often have a history of hurting women. Myles Sanderson, who stabbed 11 people to death in Saskatchewan in September, was charged with assaulting his female partner five times between 2011 and 2018. Six of his victims had his ex-wife’s last name.

The Nova Scotia spree shooter, who was responsible for 22 deaths, had a domestic violence record dating back decades. The night of the shootings, he severely beat and bound his common-law partner.

Guns are just one way men kill Canadian women. They also strangle them, stab them, set fire to them, beat them and, in 2018, ran over eight of them with a van.

Femicides are often preventable. One in three intimate-partner homicides has warning signs, according to a CBC investigation. Research at Western University also found clear risk factors present in 80 per cent of domestic homicide attempts. In other words, we know what to look for, but, too often, the legal and justice systems look away.

Rather than banning hunting rifles, a better use of time would be to implement former Conservative leader Erin O’Toole’s proposal to get “tough on abusers who hurt their spouse by abusing their spouses’ pet,” and make it easier for domestic violence victims to leave home with their pets.

The direct link between animal abuse and violence against women is one of those clear red flags that our justice system should be better prepared to recognize and act upon. It’s also well known that many abused women hesitate to leave home because they fear for a pet’s safety.

Read more at National Post here

Public sentiment is now shifting against latest Trudeau gun laws

Trudeau’s Bill C-21 is creating a firestorm among hunters, sportsmen and associations from across the country. It began as a ban on “military-grade” assault-style firearms – black guns. Then the feds turned their sights to legally-obtained handguns. And now the revisions made will impact thousands of rifles and shotguns that are “low-powered, slow to fire and only ever designed to shoot birds, deer or skeet.”

Even Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price is speaking out against this draconian gun grab, taking to Twitter to tell fellow Canadians that Trudeau is out of line, with hunting rifle in hand, sporting camo garb: “What Justin Trudeau is trying to do is unjust. I support the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights to keep my hunting tools.”

Ironically, maybe it takes a hockey goalie to be the hero and defend common sense from our attention-seeking selfie-king prime minister, instead of hundreds of thousands of law-abiding gun owners in protest.

Trudeau now says he is “listening to concerns” over the impacts of the ban on hunting rifles. Sadly, if we look at his seven-year track record of listening – nothing built, back or better – this too is probably just poli-speak. But perhaps like his failed attack on Alberta beef, we could see the prime minister fold a bit.

Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have made it clear they do not support the federal push, with potentially more provinces to join. And while Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino wags his finger at them and calls their pushback “reckless” and “political stunting,” it’s pretty tough for even the greatest gun opponents to argue their reasons for opposition.

Read more at True North here

On Monday, Toronto Police Chief James Ramer was joined by Superintendent Steve Watts of Organized Crime Enforcement to announce the results of Project Barbell, an eight-month long firearm trafficking investigation that has resulted in multiple arrests and guns seized.

In the fall of 2021, members of the TPS Integrated Gun and Gang Task Force launched an extensive investigation into an armed criminal group suspected of firearms trafficking in Toronto. On May 28, 2022, officers conducted Criminal Code Search Warrants for addresses and vehicles associated with the involved parties, resulting in six arrests, 260 criminal charges laid, and evidence seized, including 62 firearms.

“Gun violence continues to be the most significant public safety concern for the people of Toronto. Every one of these guns was destined for our streets; our communities,” said Chief James Ramer. “Toronto Police remain fully committed to working with our partner agencies, and all levels of government, on prevention and addressing root causes for those who are at-risk. But let me be clear, we are equally committed to targeting those who are high-risk; those who choose to carry and to use illegal guns in our neighbourhoods."

Search warrants led to the seizure of:

  • 62 firearms, including five AR-15 type firearms and three AK type firearms
  • a large quantity of various calibres of ammunition and firearm parts
  • proceeds of crime
  • Overcapacity firearm magazines
  • BMW X6
  • BMW 4 Series

Read more at tps.ca here

Looks like the Liberal's handgun and "assault-style weapon" bans are really working to clean up our streets!

LILLEY: Trudeau ignores calls from police experts on ending gun crime

The top cop in Canada’s biggest city says dealing with gun crime means better border enforcement and stricter bail and sentencing conditions. It’s too bad Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn’t listening to Toronto Police Chief James Ramer or Toronto Mayor John Tory or even Ontario Premier Doug Ford for that matter.

As Canada’s biggest city, Toronto is home to more gun crime than anywhere else in the country. Last year there were 409 shootings, 163 people injured and 46 people killed in shootings in the city.

That means that Toronto accounted for 15.4% of all murders committed with guns last year despite being just 7.5% of the country’s population. If we included shootings in the surrounding suburbs, the numbers would be even more shocking.

In a news conference on Monday where he unveiled the seizure of 62 guns, all but one of which was smuggled in from the United States, Ramer called for judges rather than justices of the peace to oversee bail hearings for gun crimes. He also said it’s time for the federal government to get tough with sentencing.

Sadly, the Trudeau government is going the other way and eliminating mandatory minimum sentences for repeat offenders.

Right now, someone who uses a gun in the commission of a crime faces a minimum one year sentence and a minimum three year sentence on a second or subsequent conviction. That mandatory minimum dates back to 1977 and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau but his son Justin is about to get rid of it while claiming to care about public safety.

Read more at Toronto Sun here

Jacinda Ardern’s popularity plunges to lowest level as crime wave grips New Zealand

Jacinda Ardern’s popularity has plunged to the lowest level since she entered government as New Zealanders grow increasingly concerned about crime.

Tensions soared last week with the murder of a worker in a convenience store who was stabbed to death in a robbery.

Afterwards, the prime minister was criticised for making a visit to the remote Chatham Islands rather than visiting the victim’s grieving family.

New Zealand's media, which had been largely supportive of Ms Ardern during her first few years in office, now has the prime minister firmly in its sights - with the nation’s number one talk show host branding last week as “the government’s worst”.

Read more at The Telegraph here

Also available at msn.com

We thought the gun bans in New Zealand were supposed to end their crime problems...

Save the date: the next National Range Day will be on June 3rd, 2023

Please start planning or speak to your club executive to ensure your club is ready (and willing) to host an event for National Range Day in 2023.

There has never been a more important time to introduce your friends, family, neighbours and co-workers to firearms ownership and use in Canada!

Commit to volunteering at your local event, or bringing someone who has not been shooting before. The long-term success of this annual celebration of the shooting sports is in your hands.

Listen to Episode 124 of our podcast for more info.




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