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The CCFR Week in Review

CCFR Radio – Ep 140: We’ve Been “Rouleau’d” Again, MCC Promotes C-21, G4, G46, More Liberal Disinfo

For the latest information on what's been happening at the CCFR, check out our most recent Podcast with host Rod Giltaca.

In this episode: Trudeau and other Libs blatantly spread disinformation in House of Commons. Mass Casualty Commission releases their final report. On the “access to firearms” topic, a total trainwreck. Interview with Jerrika Geneau from WildTV’s “Jerrika in the Wild”. More restructuring at the CCFR, hang in there for missing membership cards.

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2023 CCFR Annual General Meeting Weekend

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2023 CCFR Director Elections

It's that time of year again!

Each year we hold elections for half our provincial director positions. These are volunteer positions, and each term is two years unless otherwise indicated. Things are improving this year so we'll be holding our 2023 CCFR AGM in person for the first time in 3 years and hope many of you will join us. The new slate of Directors will be announced at the AGM, published on our website and submitted to Industry Canada. The CCFR is a registered, federal not for profit organization.

To run for the office of Director for the CCFR, you must:

  • have been a member of the CCFR in good standing at the AGM and prior to January 1, 2023
  • have power under Canadian law to sign legally binding contracts and documents
  • not have a criminal record for which you have not received a pardon from
  • be a resident of the province you are nominated in
  • not be in a state of personal bankruptcy
  • be nominated by 2 other CCFR members in your province who personally know you

Full details here

CCFR vs Canada court hearing to be live-streamed

We are just days away from the CCFR's historic federal court challenge against the Liberal government and their May 2020 OIC gun ban. Many of our members and supporters have been asking how they can follow along and we've got the answers.

Find full details here

Alberta to restrict municipalities, police from entering into firearms agreement with feds

As first reported here on February 13th, a leaked memo reported that the federal government had “encouraging discussions” with police services and cities, including Edmonton and Calgary.

Less than a month later, Tyler Shandro, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General took action, by introducing the Alberta Firearms Act.

On Thursday, Shandro has taken action again by passing a regulation under the act which restricts municipalities from entering into agreements to take part in the federal firearms confiscation program.

Read more here

Sask Firearms Act passes, protecting firearms owners from Trudeau’s gun grab

The Saskatchewan government passed the Saskatchewan Firearms Act (SFA) to protect the rights of lawful firearm owners and enhance public safety.

"It is important for Saskatchewan to have its own provincial firearms legislation to ensure the concerns of responsible firearms owners are taken into account," said Corrections, Policing and Public Safety Minister Christine Tell.

"This legislation will create a strong, consistent framework to enhance public safety and support the proud tradition of responsible firearms use and ownership in this province.”

Read more at Western Standard here

See the official news release here

RCMP ignored ‘red flags’ about the killer’s violence and illegal firearms: MCC Report

If the RCMP had done their jobs correctly in the years leading up to the murders of April 2020, they might have found the illegal firearms in the future gunman’s possession, according to the final report released by the Mass Casualty Commission (MCC).

And if they had done that, rather than failing to investigate the numerous warnings they were given about the man’s violence and illegal weapons, one has to ask if the murders would have been prevented.

“The perpetrator’s violence and illegal firearms came to the attention of police on repeated occasions in the years prior to the mass casualty,” reads the report.

“There were many warning signs or ‘red flags’ about the perpetrator’s violence and illegal behaviour,” according to the MCC.

One of the biggest of those red flags was raised by Brenda Forbes.

The MCC reports in detail on Forbes’ sometimes terrifying interactions with the killer, who the Examiner identifies as GW. Forbes and her husband were GW’s neighbours in Portapique.

As reported first by the Examiner in May 2020, Forbes became frightened of GW after witnessing his controlling behaviour towards his common-law spouse, Lisa Banfield. When Forbes called him on it, GW then threatened her, and eventually she and her husband George decided to move to Halifax.

But even there, Brenda Forbes didn’t feel safe, fearing she might run into GW, who had two denturist offices in the city, and so the Forbes moved west to Alberta.

Read more at Halifax Examiner here

Mass Casualty Commission report prompts skepticism from ex-Mounties, prof

Some former long-serving Mounties and a criminology professor are skeptical about the final report of the Mass Casualty Commission.

The report explained the policing failures that occurred during Gabriel Wortman’s 13-hour killing spree of 22 people and recommended systemic changes to the RCMP. It also exonerated Comm. Brenda Lucki of political interference, even though she expressed disappointment the firearms used in the killings weren’t revealed in a press conference.

“Lucki’s audio-recorded remarks about the benefits to police of proposed firearms legislation were ill-timed and poorly expressed, but they were not partisan and they do not show there'd been attempted political interference. However, the April 28 meeting both reflected and contributed to the deterioration of the relationship between [Nova Scotia's] H Division and RCMP national headquarters after the mass casualty,” the report read.

Retired Mountie Leland Keane disagrees.

“To suggest there was no political interference in the response is a falsehood,” Keane told the Western Standard in written comments.

“The use of this mass murder to push Liberal-NDP gun control while the victims were still warm is disgusting and an obvious political interference, and is possibly viewed by some as obstruction of a police officer in the Criminal Code of Canada under section 129.”

Keane said interference from Ottawa has been a “well-documented” problem since at least the mid-90s.

Read more at Western Standard here

Get ready for National Range Day on June 3rd, 2023!

Is your club hosting an event for National Range Day in 2023? You can register the event on the National Range Day website to help those in your area find your event!

There has never been a more important time to introduce your friends, family, neighbours and co-workers to firearms ownership and use in Canada!

Commit to volunteering at your local event, or bringing someone who has not been shooting before. The long-term success of this annual celebration of the shooting sports is in your hands.

Listen to Episode 124 of our podcast for more info.



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