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Friday, October 6, 2023



CCFR Radio – Ep 150: Bill C21 Marches On, Libs Roll Out New Public Safety Dream Team LOL

For the latest information on what's been happening at the CCFR, check out our most recent Podcast with host Rod Giltaca.

In this episode: BREAKING! Justice Kane will render a decision on CCFR v Canada by the end of October! The Liberals roll out their new Public Safety dream team, what a mess. Bill C-21 hits the Senate. Poly continues being Poly. Docs hold a “friends only” firearm violence conference (so weak).

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Disinvitation from École Polytechnique group sent Trudeau government into damage control mode: emails

A Quebec-based anti-gun group declaring it would disinvite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from the annual commemoration of a 1989 mass shooting because it disapproved of his latest gun-control measure sent several officials within the Public Safety Ministry into damage-control mode looking for ways to respond, documents released under access-to-information show.

The emails reveal that government staffers reacted with concern to news coverage of a March 2021 letter sent to Trudeau from PolySeSouvient, an outspoken Canadian anti-gun group founded by survivors of the 1989 École Polytechnique shooting.

The letter and subsequent coverage expressed the group’s anger over Bill C-21, which the group described as “lamentable.”

In a March 18 French-language article published by Radio-Canada, PolySeSouvient accused Trudeau of “abandoning” and “betraying” victims of Canadian gun violence over the government’s announcement of a voluntary “buy back” program for certain firearms, instead of mandatory confiscation, which PolySeSouvient had demanded.

If the prime minister refused to change the policy, PolySeSouvient said Trudeau would be declared persona non grata at future commemorations of École Polytechnique victims.

Later that year, the Trudeau government adjusted its policy so that its initial voluntary buy back became the mandatory confiscation the group had been demanding. It is in the process of becoming law.

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Ghost guns showing up at crime scenes in Canada but RCMP not keeping statistics

Even as the technology to produce so-called “ghost guns” becomes less expensive and more widespread, the RCMP is not keeping records on how often the weapons are used in crimes across the country.

Ghost guns are firearms without serial numbers that are assembled from individual parts or 3D printers. They are 'easy' to make and hard to trace, and are increasingly showing up at crime scenes in Canada and the United States.

The RCMP doesn’t have a database on 3D guns, printers or how many shootings there have been with the weapons. The force said in an email it has laid charges in several cases in which 3D guns were seized, but it didn’t give numbers.

“This presence is consistent with national and international trends observed, where privately made firearms are being used in criminal activity,” the email said. It noted that 3D print files exist capable of creating a range of firearms, including assault rifles.

The RCMP said they are aware “anecdotally” of several ghost gun seizures in Canada, but they “do not collect statistics on this.

Rod Giltaca of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, a group that opposed Ottawa’s amendments to strengthen gun laws in Canada, said criminals will use the path of least resistance. With 3D printers readily available, he said, criminals are now turning to technology, along with files and instructions available on the internet.

“The best you can do is make possessing 3D printed parts for firearms … illegal somehow,” Giltaca said. “That’s still not going to deter people who weren’t deterred from shooting other people in the first place.”

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LAWTON: Liberals’ firearm ban leaves Canadian gun retailers in limbo

Canadian gun businesses have been left with stockpiles of unsellable inventory for over 28 months since the Liberals enacted an order-in-council banning 1500 types of firearms, while the promised government “buyback” program remains unseen.

Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association president Wes Winkel joined True North’s Andrew Lawton to discuss the impact of this situation on the industry.

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WATCH: Why They Lie to Us About Guns (and Bill C-21) - Lauren Southern

In this clip, watch hit Filmmaker Lauren Southern expose the federal Liberals gun ban legislation using the governments own data (and hypocritical policies) on alcohol and cannabis, as they continue to try and mislead Canadians on legal firearm ownership, and public safety.

In the full video, Lauren also goes into the history of Bill C-21, the now-withdrawn amendments G4 & G46, and the moment Bob Zimmer caught the government lying about the .22 Plinkster.

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Halton police recover over 130 firearms and weapons in amnesty program

Halton police have recovered over 130 firearms and weapons since the start of an amnesty program that began June 1.

The Firearms and Weapons Amnesty program provides individuals and businesses residing or operating in Halton Region the opportunity to surrender unwanted or illegally-owned firearms, weapons and/or ammunition to police without the repercussions of criminal charges.

To date, residents and business owners in Halton have surrendered over 130 firearms, ammunition and other weapons, consisting of 42 rifles, 38 shotguns, seven imitation firearms, 19 pellet guns, 12 pellet rifles, six prohibited handguns, one prohibited rifle, nine restricted handguns, 568 pounds of ammunition, 22 magazines, 54 knives, swords and arrows, and eight prohibited weapons (switchblades, butterfly knife, taser, brass knuckles).

Police say the amnesty will continue to run indefinitely to continue to encourage residents and business owners to surrender unwanted or unlawfully owned firearms, ammunition and/or weapons.

In addition to traditional firearms, weapons that may pose a threat to public safety and can be surrendered include imitation firearms and air guns, switchblades, butterfly knives, pepper spray, nunchakus (nunchucks), shurikens (throwing stars), push daggers, knife combs, crossbows, spiked wristbands, batons and blowguns.

Continue reading at CityNews Toronto

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