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Friday, November 3, 2023



CCFR Parliamentary Press Conference – November 2

Immediately after testifying in the Senate, CCFR representatives Rod Giltaca and Tracey Wilson held a press conference to announce that the CCFR will be filing an appeal to Justice Kane's recent decision against the property rights of Canadians.

Mr. Giltaca also offered the CCFR's position on Bill C-21 and took questions from media.

You can read the full federal court decision from Justice Kane here

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CCFR Radio – Ep 152: Emergency Podcast! Things are Getting Wild, Court Decision Incoming! (Latest Episode)

For the latest information on what's been happening at the CCFR, check out our most recent Podcast with host Rod Giltaca.

In this episode: CCFR v Canada will be decided this Monday Oct 30th! Rod is headed to Ottawa on Monday as well to testify to the Senate. Keep up the pressure at scrapC21.ca.

Please join in the fight and do your part at www.scrapc21.ca

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Audio-only Link: https://podcast.ccfr.ca/episodes/episode-152

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CCFR at the Senate – SECD Meeting 40

Conservation and firearm advocacy groups take the stand including Canada's largest and most innovative organization, the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights.

After preparing a detailed video tailored for Senators in the weeks leading up to his appearance, CCFR CEO and Executive Director Rod Giltaca spoke to the Senate on behalf of thousands of Canadian firearms owners.

Other witnesses at this meeting:

  • Rick Igercich (National Firearms Association)
  • Marc Renaud (Fédération québécoise des chasseurs et pêcheurs)
  • Eric Schroff (Yukon Fish and Game Association)
  • Gilbert White (Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation)
  • Wes Winkel (Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association)

Special thank-you to the hundreds who sent our video from ScrapC21.ca to Senators! 

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Property rights at risk with court dismissal of landmark firearms ban challenge: critics

A Federal Court justice dismissed all claims made by the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) and other applicants in their landmark case against the Canadian government’s gun control policy.

Justice Catherine Kane’s ruling also extends to the general property rights of Canadians, say critics.

The Federal Court ruled in favour of the May 2020 Order-in-Council that prohibited over 1,500 models of what the government termed as “assault-style firearms.” The CCFR, along with five other applicants, had challenged this ban for over three years, asserting that the government did not possess the regulatory authority to enact such prohibitions.

In one of their YouTube videos, the CCFR explained the broad implications of this court proceeding.

“The government can decide without any real justification that something you own should be illegal and will be confiscated,” said the CCFR. 

Not only firearms but any legally owned asset—from land and bank accounts to cars—could be at risk. The rationale for such confiscation might be cloaked under various guises: a climate emergency, a pandemic, public safety concerns, or economic reasons, the video highlighted.

They stressed that this legal battle was to defend against the massive confiscation of property from hundreds of thousands of Canadians who were licensed to own these firearms.

“Today, it’s about legally purchased firearms, but tomorrow it might be about something you own or a right you value,” they said in the video.

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The solutions offered were many at Meeting 38 of SECD's study on gun ban Bill C-21, but only one person stood out (and alone) offering genuine solutions to tackle the major problem: illegally smuggled handguns. Crime and Gang Culture/Theory expert, and President of The One By One Movement Inc., Founder Marcell Wilson.

Listen to what he had to say about this flawed legislation, and compare his expertise to the progressive ideologs who obsess over chasing law-abiding citizens, rather than attacking the root of the problem: Canada's increased socio-economic problems caused by failed Liberal policies.

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Federal Court strikes down challenge to 2020 ban on 'assault' firearms

In a ruling issued Monday, Federal Court Judge Catherine M. Kane said the order-in-council did not exceed the authority of Parliament, nor does it infringe on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Bill of Rights, or portions of the Criminal Code that deal with firearms.

“The Governor in Council did not exceed the statutory grant of authority delegated to it by Parliament pursuant to subsection 117.15(2) of the Criminal Code,” the decision read.

“The Governor in Council formed the opinion that the prescribed firearms are not reasonable for use in hunting and sport, and the opinion and decision to prescribe the firearms as prohibited are reasonable.”

Announcement of the government’s order-in-council came one week after the April 2020 Nova Scotia shootings that claimed 22 lives.

“These weapons were designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said while announcing the ban.

“There is no use, and no place for such weapons in Canada.”

Amnesty for current owners was extended another two years in 2021, and was due to expire Monday.

Following an injunction filed last month by the CCFR, the government extended that amnesty until Oct. 30 2025 — over five years since the order-in-council went into effect.

While the government has so far remained quiet on how much the gun grab will cost, early estimates by the Parliamentary Budget Officer said compensating owners for their confiscated firearms could cost as much as $756 million.

Simon Fraser University’s Gary Mauser disputed that number, and last November told the National Post that costs could easily exceed that number by at least a billion dollars — a figure that largely depends on the exact number of legally owned firearms in Canada.

CCFR CEO Rod Giltaca expressed dismay over Monday’s decision.

“We promised we would fight this unjust and irresponsible action by this Liberal-NDP government, and we will continue to do just that until every avenue and opportunity is exhausted,” he said.

“It seems that Justice Kane has concluded, in writing, that the government owes no procedural fairness to Canadians in these types of matters and that all the government need do is scrawl out a preamble in an Order in Council to take whatever they want, whenever they want.”

He added that Monday’s decision should be “concerning to all Canadians.”

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Gun control advocates ask Senators to pass Liberals’ ‘incomplete’ firearms bill ‘as quickly as possible’

The Senate National Security, Defence, and Veterans Affairs Committee is hearing from gun control groups, gun rights groups, survivors of mass shootings, hunters, Indigenous leaders, and other interested parties as it studies Bill C-21—the government’s landmark firearms bill.

Heidi Rathjen, a spokesperson for the gun control group PolySeSouvient, told The Hill Times on Oct. 31 that her group is asking Senators to pass Bill C-21 as quickly as possible—without amendments—because any delays may jeopardize the bill.

PolySeSouvient has been critical of the government in recent months for backing down on an assault weapons ban in the face of political opposition. But Rathjen said the group has decided that “over the last year and a half, we have gotten the most we can get in terms of improvements” to the bill, and that “we almost lost the freeze on handguns” through the contested process.

Rathjen said the bill is “incomplete” because it is missing a ban on assault weapons, but that her group has secured commitments from the government to introduce separate regulations to ban assault weapons.

Along with passing Bill C-21 as it is, PolySeSouvient is also calling on Senators to apply pressure on the government to close an existing regulatory “loophole” that makes it possible for people to legally purchase high capacity magazines that are pinned at five rounds and modify them after the fact to accept their full illegal capacity.

Rod Giltaca, CEO of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR), told The Hill Times on Oct. 31 that he would be telling Senators that his primary objection to Bill C-21 is the ban on handguns. “It’s going to have a tremendously negative effect on half a million Canadians” who own handguns, said Giltaca, and on Canadians’ private property rights more broadly.

Based on data from the RCMP that there are approximately 1.2-million legal handguns in Canada, he estimated that their owners stood to lose “about a billion dollars worth of private property” when their handguns are eventually confiscated.

Bill C-21 would make permanent the existing regulatory freeze on the import, sale, or transfer of handguns, meaning the current owners of legal handguns would not be able to transfer ownership to other licensed owners. These weapons would eventually have to be surrendered to the government when their owners die.

Rathjen said it is “very frustrating” that the government hasn’t launched the buyback program yet.

“It’s been three and a half years and they just extended the amnesty again because they’re not ready,” she said. “New Zealand did it in within six months. Australia did it in about a year—maybe a year and a half.”

“We’re hoping that under the new minister this will become a priority,” said Rathjen.

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Senator accuses public safety minister of 'disinformation' over gun control bill

A Canadian senator accused Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc of providing “disinformation” to a Senate committee last month during a meeting on a contentious firearms control bill.

During deliberations Thursday over Bill C-21, Manitoba Sen. Don Plett took aim at remarks made during a previous committee appearance by the public safety minister, who told senators that hunting and sporting groups, among others, were in favour of the government’s legislation.

“I don’t think that Indigenous peoples were at large opposed with this bill, and I don’t think hunters or sports groups oppose this legislation,” LeBlanc told senators during the meeting.

“That’s why I think the legislative process in our place, I hope, to a large extent attenuated and diminished those concerns.”

During Thursday’s meeting, Plett asked representatives of three hunting and sport shooting associations if they knew of such support for the bill, and if C-21 was likewise supported by their members.

“I do not know of any sporting organizations that support this legislation,” replied Eric Schroff, executive director of the Yukon Fish and Game Association.

When asked if he knew of any hunters or sport shooters who supported C-21, Schroff responded “not that I’m aware of.”

Marc Renaud, president of the Fédération québécoise des chasseurs et pêcheurs (Quebec federation of hunters and fishermen) gave a similar answer.

“In Quebec, our federation is aware of no organization that supports this very restrictive bill, be it sports clubs, hunters, our members,” he said in French.

Gilbert White of the 33,000-member Saskatchewan Wildlife Association told Plett that he concurred with both Renaud and Schroff.

“Senator (Stan) Kutcher is citing disinformation here quite often,” Plett said in response.

“I would suggest the height of disinformation here is what the minister has been telling us.”

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Provincial police are looking for two people of interest in a suspected weapons smuggling case after finding three dozen illegal firearms near the Canada-U.S. border.

Ontario Provincial Police say they received a report early Thursday morning of a suspected firearms smuggling operation after two people were seen travelling in a boat on the St. Clair River, which is located near the community of Port Lambton and runs along the border with Canada and the United States.

Police say they later located the 36 firearms but the suspected smugglers and their watercraft were nowhere to be seen.

“Illegal firearms pose a serious risk to public safety and are often used by organized crime groups, including street gangs, to commit violent crimes including theft, intimidation, extortion and homicide,” said OPP Det. Insp. Lee Fulford in a statement.

Continue reading at CityNews Toronto

'Very scary': Woman insists she doesn't know why home, vehicle shot in Edmonton drive-by shooting

A man has been arrested and charged following a drive-by shooting in southeast Edmonton where homes, with families and children inside, were hit.

A woman who lives in one of the homes spoke to CTV News Edmonton Friday and said she has no idea why her home was targeted. She is not being identified for her safety.

"I was upstairs with the kids in the bedroom when I hear this sound, like loud sound," she said.

"It is very, very scary, yeah. We don't go out for anything other than just the necessities."

The noises turned out to be 10 gunshots blasted from the passenger side of a white Mitsubishi SUV.

The shooting happened last Thursday in the neighbourhood of Laurel. Edmonton Police Service notified the public about it on Thursday.

The shots pierced the woman's home, two bullets hitting her car.

Police believe the shooting was targeted, but she doesn't understand why someone fired at a family with two little kids.

"Somehow if it is a gang, if it's through the gangsters, it's scary because the gangster is just not the one person, it's a group of people," she said.

Police said an officer saw the drive-by shooting and followed the SUV as it sped through the neighbourhood until it stopped.

The passenger, who police have identified as 20-year-old Parminder Singh, is accused of pointing his gun at police before he fled on foot.

He was arrested shortly after with the help of a police helicopter. The driver fled in the SUV, police said.

Another homeowner in the area told CTV News Edmonton the accused dumped the gun inside a green bin.

This isn't the first time Parminder Singh has been in trouble with the law.

In June, he was arrested on drug trafficking charges in Saskatchewan.

Police say he and another person were in possession of more than 150 kilograms of cocaine and methamphetamine, a combined value of approximately $4 million.

Singh is in custody and facing eight gun charges as well as mischief and failing to comply with a release order.

Continue reading at CTV News

Two men charged after allegedly trying to sell guns imported from the U.S.: York Region police

Two men who allegedly tried to sell illegally imported guns from the U.S. in Canada are facing charges in York Region.

In a news release issued Friday, York Regional Police said investigators with their Guns, Gangs and Drug Enforcement Unit (GGDEU) began a firearm trafficking investigation in June.

Over the course of five months, police said, investigators identified Jamai Derrick, 21, of Markham, and Shota Makharashvili, 26, Toronto, as the suspects involved.

Investigators say Derrick and Makharashvili were offering to sell the guns, illegally imported from the U.S., in Canada.

The suspects also indicated they had a “variety” of firearms for sale, police alleged.

Following the investigation, two illegal handguns, ammunition, and a “quantity” of Xanax pills were seized, according to police.

Derrick and Makharashvili are both facing nine firearms and drug trafficking charges each.

“York Regional Police recognizes the devastating impact that illegal guns have on the communities we serve,” police said in a news release. “Our members are committed to combating this type of crime and taking illegal guns off our streets through the guns, gangs and violence reduction strategy.“

Continue reading at CP24

Joint forces investigation into firearm manufacturing in Winkler leads to charge

A Plum Coulee man has been arrested a second time, and now charged in relation to a multi-agency investigation into the attempted 3D printing of a firearm.

The case began in September 2022 when Winkler and Morden Police Services, along with the Winnipeg Police Service Firearms Investigation and Enforcement Unit began an investigation which determined the man was attempting to manufacture 3D printed firearms in Winkler.  

In November last year, the man, who was 27 years old at the time, along with a second adult suspect were taken into custody after a search warrant was executed in the 200 block of 8th Street South in Winkler. The search resulted in the seizure of ammunition, and items related to the illicit production of firearms including a 3D printer and 3D printer filament. Both suspects were later released without charges, pending further investigation.

An extensive investigation followed, and with the assistance of several RCMP units (National Weapons Enforcement Support Team, Digital Forensics Services, and Forensic Identification Services) police were able to determine the seized 3D printer had in fact been used in the attempted production of an illegal firearm.  

On October 22nd, the Plum Coulee man was arrested again in relation to the initial incident, and this time charged with attempting to manufacture a firearm, in this case a handgun.

He was released on an undertaking, with a court date of January 9th, 2024 in Morden. 

Continue reading at Pembina Valley Online

18-year-old man arrested in fatal shooting of dog at downtown Toronto park

An 18-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of a dog at a downtown Toronto park last month.

In a news release on Saturday, police announced the arrest of Toronto resident Netanel Maxyutov in the Sept. 26 incident at Barbara Hall Park near Church and Wellesley streets.

Police said the incident began with an argument between two men. One of them left the area and allegedly returned with a firearm.

He allegedly then shot the other man’s dog before fleeing.

Officers arrived and helped the man take the dog to an emergency vet, but the canine, believed to be three years old, was pronounced dead.

Police said Maxyutov has been charged with discharging a firearm recklessly, possessing a firearm without holding a licence, possessing a firearm knowingly without holding a licence and killing/maiming/wounding a dog.

He was scheduled to appear in court last Thursday.

Continue reading at CP24


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