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Friday, May 3, 2024


CCFR Radio EP 165: Liberal Budget = No Buyback! 100K New PAL Holders, Poly’s at it Again (Latest Episode)

For the latest information on what's been happening at the CCFR, check out our most recent Podcast with host Rod Giltaca.

In this episode: No budget money for the actual buyback was allocated in the Liberal’s latest budget. CCFR AGM general ticket release, Poly follies continue, 100,000 new PAL holders despite campaign of discouragement.

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The rifle was test-fired at Mission & District Rod & Gun Club

Watch this video about how the idea came together!

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Ottawa is planning to roll out a mandatory buyback program for what it calls ‘military-style firearms’ during the 2025 election year, after the program was delayed by Canada Post's refusal to participate, sources say. The federal Liberals will likely need to adapt the gun ‘buyback’ program on a province-by-province basis, due to its struggle to find partners willing to collect and transport AR-15s and other hunting and sporting rifles banned by Justin Trudeau in May 2020.

The feds are now looking at tasking law enforcement to collect firearms, despite the stated opposition to the program by police groups and police chiefs. Provincial police services in Quebec and Ontario could be called upon to take part, said a federal source.

Sources also said the government is aware that using police officers to operate the 'buyback' program is not the most effective use of policing resources; the federal government is considering the idea of ​​hiring private security firms.

The government is also considering creating "drop-off points" where owners could return their firearms...

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CityNews Connect: Fighting the Gun Ban

The Liberals banned 1,500 guns in 2020 but then extended the amnesty period for affected firearms until after the next election in late 2025.Reporter Cristina Howorun speaks with J.R. Cox from The Shooting Edge, the CCFR's Tracey Wilson, and Alberta’s Minister of Justice Mickey Amery to learn why enforcing the ban will not only be costly for gun owners, but also taxpayers, and why the Government of Alberta continues to challenge the ban in court.

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Despite Everything Liberals Have Done, Canada Has Become More Violent

The CCFR's CEO Rod Giltaca explains why every Canadian, whether they know anything about firearm ownership in Canada or not, can look at the Liberals long gun ban of 2020, handgun freeze of 2022, and policies contained within Bill C-21 in 2023, and come to the same conclusion:

It's not working, and it's time to do something else.

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Film Producer removed from TPS board meeting for announcing his “whole community” was getting their firearms license

Jonathan Pottins came to a recent Toronto Police Services Board Meeting to share his concerns over the dramatic loss of public safety in his community saying he supported efforts of police however, he said "being undermined publicly is really gross. As a citizen, born and raised in this city, it appears to me that this city is in a little bit of decline because you guys are being hamstrung at every turn."

He continued "I want to give just a little tid bit. I'm sure I'm going to get cut off for this... Everyone I know in my community is getting armed, which should scare everybody here. Everybody in my community. I'm in social networks with hundreds of people who are getting armed. They're all getting their firearms license because they see these protests unabated..."

Mr. Pottins mic was then cut off and he was asked to leave the podium.

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Canadians Feeling Unsafe, Gun Owners on the Rise

The CCFR's Tracey Wilson joined The Alex Pierson Show to discuss the rise in Canadian firearms ownership and to respond to suggestions that some citizens were arming themselves because they felt unsafe.

Wilson responded to several questions including if Canadians were legally permitted to get a firearms license for the sole purpose of defending themselves.

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Bloc MP says Liberals Failed on Gun 'Buyback,' Acknowledges Conservatives will be the Next Government

Bloc Quebecois MP Kristina Michaud called out the federal government today for ‘neglecting’ their gun confiscation project, and postponing it until after the next election. Liberal Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc continued to deny that the federal government had given up, saying they had every plan to move forward despite several setbacks. But, the question then becomes, how?

After Liberals moved the firearms amnesty period to a week after the next election (Oct. 30, 2025), they also essentially made any proposed ‘buyback’ effectively ‘voluntary,’ until the next government is elected.

In other words, not a single licensed Canadian firearms owner is obligated to give up, or sell, any of their lawfully owned firearms. Not until, at the very least, we have another election.

Conservatives, who will almost certainly become the next government, if polls are to be believed, have promised to trash the gun 'buyback,' and all ridiculous Liberal policies against Canadian hunters and sport shooters.

Kristina is right. The Liberals have failed.

And that's a good thing.

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Police allege a "well-entrenched" criminal network, responsible for multiple firearms offences across the country, trafficked millions of dollars worth of illicit drugs and firearms into Winnipeg from Toronto.

The network used couriers, railways, bus lines and airlines to move the items, Insp. Elton Hall of the Winnipeg Police Service's organized crime unit alleged at a news conference on Wednesday.

So far, 14 people have been charged with offences related to organized crime, drug trafficking, possession of firearms, proceeds of crime and laundering proceeds of crime.

Of those, nine are from Winnipeg, two from Vancouver and three from Ontario.

Several others were arrested and released without charges, but investigations are continuing and charges are expected to be laid against many of those people, all of whom are in Winnipeg, Hall said.

The investigation started after police seized more than $600,000 in cash from luggage at Winnipeg's airport in March 2022.

It expanded to the other provinces a year later and eventually led to 22 searches in a sweep through Manitoba, Ontario and British Columbia in March 2024.

The following items were seized:

  • $1.7 million in Canadian cash.
  • 30 kilograms of cocaine (police-estimated street value of $3 million).
  • 4 handguns (including two that were 3D printed).
  • One submachine gun with a suppressor.
  • Loaded magazines and ammunition.
  • 75 kilograms of cutting agent.
  • Hydraulic cocaine press/moulds.
  • 12 vehicles, including a Rolls-Royce valued at $450,000, four Mercedes, two BMWs and a Lexus. (Three of the vehicles had custom-made concealment compartments.)
  • A Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
  • Approximately $4 million in proceeds of crime — jewelry, vehicles and merchandise.
Continue reading at CBC News

Calgary has a gun problem but police are increasingly cracking down and part of Calgary Police Services' success can be attributed to a state-of-the-art, unique firearm and ballistics forensics lab.

Cristina Howorun takes an exclusive tour of the facility.

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Continue reading at CBC News

RUNKLE OF THE BAILEY: Liberals Plan Election Season Gun Grab, Want Canada Post To Help

So, the Liberals have admitted they plan to use the gun grab as a blatant political tool. And they want to make Canada Post help them out. This is, of course, dumb.

Watch firearms lawyer Ian Runkle breakdown the latest on the Liberal government Canada Post fiasco.

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VIRAL: Ford Torches Liberals While Answering Questions about Gold Heist, Bail Reform

When asked about Trudeau's revolving door of justice in Canada, including suspects involved in the largest gold heist in Canadian history, Premier Doug Ford took a moment to remind listeners who the Liberals are, both provincially and federally, saying “I just have to correct you... It's the second biggest heist I've ever seen. The biggest heist was when the Liberals were in power for 15 years. They took billions and billions of dollars out of peoples pockets.”

He went on, “As for the people that did this big gold heist, throw them in jail. I just have to remind everyone that the federal government controls the criminal code, but a lot of these people, they're kicking in doors and putting guns to peoples heads... Keep them in jail! Don't give them bail and then it might deter them, the next time around when they decide to go steal someone's car, or kick the doors in and violently terrorize neighbourhoods. I have zero tolerance for it and that's why I always say, we're going to make sure we have judges that are tough on crime. Not judges that will let people out, not once, not three times, four, five times, to repeat the crime again.”

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Trudeau's Gun Buyback Continues to Fail...

Alberta reporter Rachel Emmanuel speaks on Trudeau's ineffective $42M gun 'buyback' program and shares commentary of the video of Premier Danielle Smith mocking Trudeau's failed confiscation scheme.

*The CCFR continues to create and share great content like this for all Canadian firearms owners across the country!

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One of two men charged in the fatal shooting of Hamilton realtor Giorgio Barresi has admitted to helping the criminal organization that carried out the killing. Jamal Chemin admitted in a courtroom that he was motivated to help the criminal organization for money, but he did not know who he was working for, or about the alleged murder plot. He was not there March 2, 2020 when the father of three was gunned down outside his Portofino Place home.

Previously, while under investigation, police searched Chemin’s Scarborough business on Nov. 18, 2021 and found 11 guns inside a floor safe in Chemin’s office, including two that were loaded, more than 100 rounds of ammunition, a mask described as being “extremely lifelike,” tracking devices, two-way radios, radars and cameras, and a device that turns Glock handguns into full-automatic guns.

Police also found that Jamal was born with the last name Shehai, but legally changed it to Chemin in February 2020 to avoid a firearms prohibition order. He had an extensive record, with his last conviction in 2013 also for participating in a criminal organization...

Continue reading at CBC News

AUSTRALIA: Federal government commits $160 million for creation of national firearms register

Police officers will soon be able to access near real-time information on firearms and who owns them after the federal government committed hundreds of millions of dollars to implement a national firearms register.

State and territory leaders gave the green light to set up the register at the national cabinet in December last year — the most substantial update to Australia's firearm management systems in almost 30 years.

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus has now announced next month's federal budget will include a spend of $161.3 million over the next four years to establish the register.

"Once established, police will know where firearms are, who owns them, and what other risks to the community and police may exist," Mr Dreyfus said.

In response to this article, Canadian Firearms Homicide expert Tim Thurley had this to say:

"Australia is spending $160m over four years to implement a federal firearm register. Each state already has a register. Shooters Union Australia expressed concerns over cost, poor data quality.

Firearm registration does not seem to impact homicide rates."

Continue reading at ABC News


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