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Nov 30, 2022: On Parliament Hill, representatives from the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) raise concerns about an amendment to the federal government’s gun control bill, C-21, that was proposed by Liberal MP Paul Chiang on the House Public Safety Committee.

Taking part in the news conference are Rod Giltaca (CEO of the organization) and Tracey Wilson (vice-president of public relations).

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Read the related National Post story here

For the latest information on what's been happening at the CCFR, check out our most recent Podcast with host Rod Giltaca.

In this episode: The biggest gun ban of all three, in the past three years is being rolled out as a Liberal amendment to Bill C-21. The SKS, all centrefire semi-autos with detachable magazines and a variety of hunting firearms are slated for prohibition, Liberals make jokes about it in Committee.

List of future prohibited firearms in Canada: https://firearmrights.ca/full-list-of-firearms-banned-through-c-21-revealed/


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Conservatives Bob Zimmer and Blaine Calkins spoke to the SECU committee and members of the RCMP's Canadian Firearms Program, looking for answers on specific makes and models of firearms, variants, as well as discussing fundamental human rights including property rights.

Watch on YouTube here

In case you missed it: Full list of firearms to be banned through C-21 released

NOVEMBER 24 – The full list of firearms to be banned through the Liberal's C-21 amendment has been released publicly.

Once the amendment has been voted on and passed by the Liberal, NDP, and Bloc Quebecois members of the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security (SECU), Canadian firearms ownership will be dealt its most massive blow in history.

The amendment not only proposes to prohibit a vast array of rifles and shotguns (with no mention of compensation for current owners), it also includes changing the definition of a prohibited firearm in the criminal code to include: "a firearm that is a rifle or shotgun, that is capable of discharging centre-fire ammunition in a semi-automatic manner and that is designed to accept a detachable cartridge magazine with a capacity greater than five cartridges of the type for which the firearm was originally designed."

This will effectively mean the end of all semi-automatic long guns in Canada, at least while the current coalition government remains in power.

See the full list on our website here

CALL TO ACTION #1: Bury anti-gun MPs desks in letters!!!

Parliamentarians have staff that handle their emails, mail and social media. For the most part, they get the usual stuff, the odd letter here and there and a bunch of angry emails. Nobody notices any of that stuff. But picture this, a staffer walking in to their boss's office after a weekend to bins and bins full of letter mail. We want every Liberal, NDP and Bloq MP absolutely buried in paper mail.

We want you to go over to your gun safe or gun room and open the door. Look at each rifle and think about what they mean to you, the memories you've created with them and the adventures you've been on together. How important is your sport and way of life to you? What is it worth to you, and how much would you do to try and save them?

This "Call to Action" will require the following things from you;

  1. 5 sheets of paper
  2. 5 envelopes
  3. a pen
  4. 15 minutes of your time

We know many of you have already contacted your MP, or even the Public Safety Minister, but this is different - this is a coordinated action we will all do together.

Find complete instructions on our website here

Thank you to everyone who has already been sending letter this week! If you haven't yet, please do so this weekend!

The next major stop for Bill C-21 will be the Senate of Canada, and we are calling on all our members and supporters to write your Senators asking them to propose major amendments, send the bill back to the House of Commons, or kill C-21 altogether.

Please write the Senator(s) from your province or territory explaining why you oppose Bill C-21, how it will effect your life as a Canadian, and what kind of dangerous precedent will be set if the government is allowed to deprive us of our property without justification or compensation.

Be sure to request a response to your letter.

Your letter does not have to be long or complex. There is strength in numbers, and if you choose not to write a letter, your voice on social media or with your friends will be meaningless. Do not be silent. Your silence is your consent.

This is a simple and concrete action that each and every one of you can take to stop this bill.

Postage is not required to send mail to members of the Senate. This costs you nothing but a piece of paper, an envelope, and a little bit of your time.

Consider also sending a copy of your letter to Senator Donald Plett, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate.

Address for your envelope/letter:

The Honourable (full name), Senator

The Senate
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A4

Note: Senators have the title “The Honourable” for life. A senator who is a member of the Canadian Privy Council is referred to as "Senator the Honourable (full name), P.C."

Further addressing guidelines available here

For this meeting, the Conservatives brought in heavy hitters in MP Alex Ruff, a retired Colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces, and MP Bob Zimmer who is well-connected to many sport shooters and firearm experts. In addition were MPs Doug Shipley and Eric Melillo who brought great insight and challenging questions to committee.

Watch on YouTube here

Sask. introduces Firearms Act in effort to increase gun owner rights, public safety

The Government of Saskatchewan introduced legislation on Thursday aiming to protect the rights of lawful gun owners and increase public safety.

The announcement comes as the federal government looks to introduce Bill C-21, which is legislation restricting ownership of firearms.

The province said the Saskatchewan Firearms Act will establish licensing requirements for businesses or individuals, require and oversee fair compensation for any guns being seized, and require forensic and ballistic testing of seized firearms.

The act will also establish a provincial firearms regulatory system that will promote the safe use of firearms.

Read more at CTV News Regina here

Read more at Western Standard here

John Ivison: For the sake of national unity, Liberals should drop hunting rifle ban

Canada’s firearm classification system would baffle students of Byzantium, but even the uninitiated can figure out the fundamental unfairness in the government’s proposed amendments to its gun control law.

The Conservatives claim the Liberals are intent on going after hunting rifles in a sneaky amendment that was not in the original Bill C21 that was debated in the House of Commons.

The anger that will inevitably follow the legislation in its current form is going to enforce divisions that have steadily widened to the point that urban and rural Canada no longer recognize one another.

The Liberal party has discerned that it can hold onto power indefinitely by winning in Canada’s cities. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver on their own account for a third of the seats in the House of Commons.

Newfoundland MP Gudie Hutchings was virtually guaranteed a spot in cabinet as rural economic development minister because her Long Range Mountains seat is one of the few the party holds outside the big urban areas. The inevitable consequence is that they have lost touch with, or, worse, don’t care about what happens in significant parts of the country.

The other corollary is that rural Canadians have lost trust in a government that it feels doesn’t understand them. Farmers in Saskatchewan, fishing communities in the Maritimes and mining communities in the North are all left outside the policy agenda looking in; concerns about fossil fuel use and natural resource regulation are dismissed as uninformed or motivated by unworthy purposes.

It is all the more ironic that Justin Trudeau has made diversity his signature policy. But diversity for Trudeau is only skin deep. He and his government have no tolerance for divergent or contrary views.

The Liberals should reverse themselves on Bill C21, or we are heading even further down the road of U.S.-style division.

Read more at National Post here

Watch Ian Runkle – Canadian Criminal Defence and Firearms Lawyer – break things down in his video.

Watch on Runkle of the Bailey YouTube channel here

Liberals say they're not trying to ban hunting rifles. Here's why that's a lie

Last week, the Liberals quietly introduced an amendment to a piece of gun control legislation that would ban thousands of Canadian hunting arms, constituting the largest single gun ban in Canadian history. After the amendment became public, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino announced he had “no intention whatsoever” of banning hunting rifles or long guns.

The problem is, Mendicino’s claims aren’t true at all. Even a cursory look at the list quickly reveals that it’s chock full of purpose-built hunting arms, many of which have likely never been near a battlefield or crime scene in the last 100 years. While prior Trudeau government gun bans at least attempted to only select firearms that had “assault-style” aesthetics, this new list proposes to criminalize hundreds of rifles and shotguns that are low-powered, slow to fire and only ever designed to shoot birds, deer or skeet.

Below, some of the more egregious examples of the “grandpa guns” the Liberals are proposing to criminalize.

Read more at National Post here

Save the date: the next National Range Day will be on June 3rd, 2023

Please start planning or speak to your club executive to ensure your club is ready (and willing) to host an event for National Range Day in 2023.

There has never been a more important time to introduce your friends, family, neighbours and co-workers to firearms ownership and use in Canada!

Commit to volunteering at your local event, or bringing someone who has not been shooting before. The long-term success of this annual celebration of the shooting sports is in your hands.

Listen to Episode 124 of our podcast for more info.




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