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Friday, March 1, 2024


CCFR Radio – Ep 161: Rod’s Goin Hunting, Meet the Guide, Full Episode of CCFR’s TV Show on WildTV

For the latest information on what's been happening at the CCFR, check out our most recent Podcast with host Rod Giltaca.

In this episode: Rod is away so this is a pre-recorded episode. It features a full episode of the CCFR’s TV show, CCFR Radio On The Air from WildTV. Rod is going on his first hunt ever, this spring. Meet the guide who’s taking him. Also, a chat about National Range Day and more.

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Terrifying video of a White Rock, B.C., shooting early Thursday morning is raising new questions about what police can do to protect public safety in Metro Vancouver.

The attack happened shortly after midnight in a driveway near Roper Avenue and Parker Street. Security video shows at least three shooters unloading on two SUVs with what appear to be fully automatic weapons, spraying more than 100 bullets in a matter of seconds.

The attack left four men in hospital, and the neighbourhood rattled.

One neighbour, who Global News is not identifying for safety reasons, awoke to find one of the victims’ vehicle in his backyard and a man bleeding on the lawn.

“I was sleeping, I heard the gunshots, I thought it was fireworks — but then I heard some car sounds, I woke up, I looked out my window and I saw the guy laying down, the cops were trying to help him,” he said.

“I was like, ‘What the hell is happening?'”

The man said his brothers were awake in the living room at the time — and that it was mere luck that one of the torrents of bullets didn’t enter the home and hit someone.

“If the bullet hit that door it would have gone straight into the living room where my brothers were sitting,” he said.

Mounties say they are well aware of the public concern over escalating gang conflict, but pleaded for patience — noting major investigations can take months, even years.

A key source of the firepower, according to police, is smugglers operating over the U.S. border.

“I would like to see more investment, at all levels, into our border integrity program,” Teboul said. “It will take millions of dollars.”

On Friday, B.C. Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth said police “are doing everything they can” to intercept guns — but also pointed to the border as a problem.

“What we want to see is stepped up inspection sat our border crossings, more resources given.”

Neighbours Global News spoke with back in White Rock, meanwhile, say they fear the attack could be repeated if someone involved decides to retaliate.

Instead of spending money where it ought to be – on cross-border smuggling – the Liberals, NDP and BQ have chosen to put all government resources toward confiscating legally possessed firearms and harassing lawful gun owners. Meanwhile, the best police can offer Canadians is to be patient ... while criminals become more and more emboldened in their violent attacks in our communities.

Continue reading at Global News

Provincial appeal on federal firearms ban keeping local conservationists 'hopeful'

Legal challenges between the Saskatchewan government and the federal governments Bill C-21, are still ongoing - and gun owners are caught in the crossfire. "At the end of the day, you have to obey the law. Whether you like it or not, the law is out there to protect people and that sort of thing. It's kind of conflicting in some aspects because it goes against law-abiding people and that's who this law mostly affects," expressed Craig Bird, Vice President of the Estevan Wildlife Federation.

Bird has been a gun enthusiast for a long time. He works with the Estevan Police Service as a constable and has been teaching the Possession and Acquisition Licensing Course for years. While he sees the legislation as pushing the envelope, Bird welcomes the province's efforts to appeal the ban.

"It's hard. You can make sure that people are safe [and] that they're storing firearms properly so that they don't get into the hands of criminals. On the policing end of things, we're cracking down on criminals and taking illegal firearms off the street. So, they're kind of two different avenues."

Bird also points to the efforts the province is making to curtail gun crime locally, including investing in the Chief Firearms Office with regard to education, investigation, and law enforcement. He's heard from other local gun enthusiasts and has tried to ease their minds amidst the changing landscape.

"The biggest thing that you can do is tell people to hang on with the legislation that, hopefully, the government will change. So, you kind of give them a little bit of hope that way. That's what I hang on to at my end. And then, like I say, giving people a little bit of hope and maybe explaining the laws a little bit better to them because a lot of people don't understand that legal jargon, that's out there with this. [That's] kind of alleviating some of that frustration as well."

He argues that the federal firearms ban doesn't address the root problem. Bird cited instances of gun crimes on the rise in larger cities like Toronto and Ottawa. He recalled an incident in 2022 where a drone was used to carry 11 guns near the Canada-U.S border along the St. Clair River in Ontario. The effort was short-lived when the drone got stuck in a tree during flight.

"Most of the people that are using the firearms in this province are all law-abiding. So, to say that that a small segment of criminals can dictate how everybody else works and spoils their hobby and prohibits them from looking after their livelihood is not right," Bird expressed.

Bird reiterated the positive uses of legal firearms around the Southeast. He said that guns have been used for predator control for cattle and livestock farmers, hunting game, and shooting competitions. Bird added that the broader #Saskatchewan landscape brings gun enthusiasts, tourists, and hunters from all over for hunting opportunities.

Continue reading at Discover Moose Jaw

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Edmonton police charge man with 43 offences related to manufacturing 3D-printed firearms

Police have charged an Edmonton man with several firearms offences as part of a national investigation into 3D-printed guns.

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) on Wednesday announced 43 charges against Roy Tucker, 29.

In June, the EPS firearms investigation unit used warrants to search Tucker's home, finding and seizing "a significant 3D printed firearms manufacturing operation," according to a media release from police.

The unit's investigation began early last year after Quebec police alerted their Edmonton counterparts of his purchases of parts specific to 3D-printed firearms.

The bust on June 20 saw police seize major maufacturing components including a large commercial-grade 3D printer and firearm blueprints, devices that contained illegal computer code to print firearms frames/receivers, 20 handguns, 27 high-capacity magazines and two prohibited semi-automatic firearms believed to have been smuggled into the country from the U.S.

Charges against Tucker include 13 counts of firearms trafficking (manufacturing) and 13 counts of possession of firearms knowing they're unauthorized, among others.

Staff Sgt. Eric Stewart of the EPS guns and gangs unit said while 3D-printed firearms aren't new, this case marks the first significant seizure of them in Edmonton and the second-largest such seizure in western Canada.

"3D-printed firearms are of a particular concern for police nationwide," Stewart said at a media conference Wednesday morning.

"I think the message is ... if you're going to go down the road of manufacturing firearms and you are caught, there are severe consequences for something like this," Stewart said.

During an Edmonton Police press conference, Staff Sgt Eric Stewart confirmed that Tucker had a firearms licence but chose to break the law by attempting to manufacture firearms without a licence, and possessing other firearms that were never legally imported into Canada (allegedly).

Continue reading at CTV News Edmonton

Three people were injured, including one critically, following an overnight shooting on Feb. 26 in downtown Toronto’s Entertainment District.

Emergency crews were called to the Bisha Hotel on Blue Jays Way, just north of Wellington Street, around 3 a.m. Tuesday.

Police say the shooting happened on the street outside the hotel.

Duty Inspector Maher Abdel-Malik said two people were taken to the hospital; a man in his 30s with critical injuries and a woman in her 20s with minor injuries. Police say another man in his 30s with minor injuries walked into a hospital on his own.

“Those individuals were treated at the scene,” said Insp. Abdel-Malik. “There are at least two suspects that were [at] the scene. We’re asking for members of the public for their assistance.”

Insp. Abdel-Malik said investigators believe this was a targeted shooting.

Continue reading at CityNews Toronto

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51 robberies, 26 with guns in the past 31 days in Mississauga and Brampton

Crime remains a persistent concern in Mississauga and Brampton with armed robberies being a prevalent and ongoing issue.

In the last 31 days, Mississauga and Brampton have seen an average of one or more robberies per day.

From Jan. 25 to Feb. 25 Peel Regional Police data indicates that there were a combined 51 robberies reported across both cities — 31 in Mississauga and 19 in Brampton.

Half of the robberies (26) were carried out with guns, 10 with other weapons, and 15 were listed simply as “other” by police.

As of Feb. 25, 14 of these incidents are considered solved, while the other 37 are still being investigated.

Overall, robberies have increased by ten incidents compared to last month’s total of 41, marking a 24% rise.

Additionally, police data doesn’t indicate how many arrests were made or injuries reported in relation to these robberies.

Comparing these incidents to the same time last year (Jan. 25, 2023 – Feb. 25, 2023) there were only ten cases reported for the month. The majority of the incidents (7) occurred in the City of Brampton, with two recurring on Queen Street. Since then, five of the robberies have been resolved, while the other five are still under investigation.

A notable robbery case from the past month involved two armed men targeting numerous convenience stores across Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, and Halton. Police later added in a news release that the bandits “demanded money and lottery tickets during the robberies.”

While businesses remain the primary targets in these robberies, instances of violent armed robberies have also been reported inside homes or during vehicle thefts.

Continue reading at InSauga.com

Two dead as witnesses describe violent aftermath of Weston double shooting

When Jalisa Colley woke up to the sound of gunshots Tuesday morning, she initially thought they were fireworks at the park across from her apartment building.

“That was my first assumption. That it was (kids) fooling around,” said Colley, who lives on Hickory Tree Road in Toronto’s Weston neighbourhood.

Moments later, she said, she heard car noises and then “Pow! Pow! Pow!” When she stepped onto her balcony to look outside, she saw one man lying near the parking garage and another on the pavement across the street.

One of them was screaming for help, Colley said. “After hearing that, I knew it wasn’t fireworks. Someone got shot.”

Minutes after she saw a black car flee the scene, police and fire arrived, followed by paramedics, she said. She and other witnesses watched in fear as emergency responders split up to tend to the victims.

“Everybody in this building watched that man die this morning,” Colley said, choking back tears. Meanwhile, responders performed life-saving measures on the other man for more than 30 minutes, she added.

According to police, officers were called around 4:40 a.m. to Hickory Tree Road near Weston Road and Lawrence Avenue Road, where they found two men suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. They were rushed to hospital and pronounced dead, Toronto police Det.-Sgt. Aaron Akeson said at a media scrum Tuesday.

On Thursday, Toronto police identified two men who were shot and killed in the Weston neighbourhood early Tuesday morning.

Investigators say 33-year-old Akim Fleming and 31-year-old Rajiv Ralph were found outside an apartment building suffering from gunshot wounds in the area of Hickory Tree Road, near Weston Road and Lawrence Avenue West, around 4:40 a.m.

The pair were rushed to hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Police have not released any further details on what may have led up to the shooting and no suspect information has been released.

Continue reading at The Toronto Star

One man is dead after he was shot at while inside a vehicle in the parking lot of a plaza in Rexdale Thursday afternoon.

Police responded to a shooting call in the area of Finch Avenue West and Westmore Drive, east of Highway 27, at around 12:45 p.m.

"It was reported to police that the occupants of a vehicle were shooting into another vehicle," Det. Sgt. Al Bartlett of the homicide unit said.

Footage from CP24's cameras shows a bullet-riddled white SUV in a plaza parking lot, which has multiple bullet holes visible in its front windshield directly in front of the steering wheel.

Bartlett said officers located a man inside the vehicle with gunshot wounds. "Sadly, although life-saving measures were performed, the male victim was pronounced deceased at the scene," he said.

Police have not released his identity.

Witnesses told CP24 that they saw the victim's vehicle travelling in the parking lot when several shots were fired. It was then seen slowing down considerably, mounting a curb and crashing into another vehicle, the witnesses said.

At least a dozen shell casings are also visible on the ground behind the SUV.

Bartlett said police are looking for at least two suspects who fled in a four-door dark-coloured Honda last seen westbound on Finch Avenue.

No further suspect description has been provided.

Continue reading at CP24

Continue reading at CBC News

York Regional Police: Suspects Sought in Drive-By Shooting in King, Ont.

Investigators with the York Regional Police #1 District Criminal Investigations Bureau are seeking suspects and witnesses following a drive-by shooting in the Township of King.

On Tuesday, February 27, 2024, at 9:46 p.m., police responded to reports of the sound of gunshots on Coppermine Court, near Highway 27 and Fairmont Ridge Trail, in the Township of King.

When officers arrived, they were met by a homeowner who told them someone had shot at their house. Upon search of the area, damage from a bullet was located on one of the vehicles in the driveway, with a bullet fragment nearby.

Video from the area shows a dark-coloured, older style SUV or Jeep slowly approach the home and a single gunshot fired from within the vehicle.

That video can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/Lr_qtxVRCOM

Continue reading at York Regional Police website

Mississauga man charged in series of home invasions across Etobicoke

A Mississauga man on a 10-year firearms prohibition and in custody for unrelated criminal offences is facing additional charges in a series of alleged home invasions in Etobicoke, Toronto police said.

Authorities were called to a residence in the Islington Avenue and Dixon Road Avenue area just before 6 a.m. on Dec. 13, 2023, for reports of a robbery in progress.

It’s alleged that four suspects entered the Etobicoke residence and demanded car keys from the homeowner. The suspects fled in the victim’s vehicle. No physical injuries were reported.

On Feb. 1, 2024, at 4 a.m., police responded to a home invasion call in the Martin Grove Road and Burnhamthorpe Road area. A group of suspects allegedly broke into a residence, demanded car keys from the homeowner, and fled in the vehicle.

On Feb. 16, 2024, as part of the investigation, authorities executed a search warrant in the Finch Avenue West and Darcel Avenue area in Mississauga, resulting in the seizure of evidentiary items.

Investigators notified the accused of new charges, as the man was in custody for an unrelated matter.

Police said 28-year-old Chessen Johnston of Mississauga has been charged with robbery with violence, robbery, two counts of break-and-enter, two counts of disguise with intent and two counts of conspiracy to commit an indictable offence.

He was expected to appear in court on Feb. 23, 2024.

On Feb. 11, 2024, a Peel Regional Police spokesperson said the suspect was on a 10-year firearms prohibition order since 2019 and was out on bail for robbery with a firearm when the series of crimes were committed in Etobicoke.

Continue reading at CityNews Toronto

Multiple guns, ammo seized after extended police standoff at Cedar home

An extended standoff between police and a man barricaded inside a home ended safely.

Local Mounties, members of the RCMP Emergency Response Team, and crisis negotiators were called to a residence in the 1700 block of Nairne Rd., off McMillan Rd. around 11 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 25.

Reserve Cst. Gary O’Brien said an adult man was experiencing a mental health crisis and had barricaded himself inside a home with others inside.

“There’s two other family members in the house and they had concern for their safety and his, and the fact there were firearms in the house. The other two managed to leave the house safely then we started with negotiating with this person who refused to leave.,” O’Brien told NanaimoNewsNOW.

The two people inside the house were the ones who called 911 and alerted police to the situation.

A roughly four hour stand-off ensued with crisis negotiators talking with the man.

O’Brien estimated almost 30 RCMP members were on scene during the standoff.

“We evacuated houses around him, we eliminated any traffic going by as a distraction and thankfully after four hours he decided to come out. He was apprehended under the Mental Health Act, taken to the hospital to receive much needed psychiatric assessment.”

Once inside the home, officers discovered and seized seven long guns and an undetermined amount of ammunition.

O’Brien added no criminal charges are pending however it’s expected the guns will be destroyed and the man will be prohibited from owning or possessing firearms in the future.

“At the end of the day, there was no intent to commit a crime,” O’Brien said on no charges being laid. “The person was having a breakdown, they were in a mental health crisis so we take that under consideration. They’re not arrested, they’re apprehended under the Mental Health Act.”

Continue reading at NanaimoNewsNow.com

Semi-automatics on the table in New Zealand gun laws shake-up

While crime increases in NZ might be the primary motivation for revising the nation's gun laws, the ability to do so comes after the ruling Labour Party suffered huge defeats in elections held last October; going from 65 seats in the 122-member Parliament to just 31.

A coalition government formed by the other two major political parties is hoping to chart a new course on crime and public safety by going after actual criminals, while completely rewriting the country's Arms Act for the first time in more than 40 years.

Semi-automatics could make a return to gun ranges with New Zealand's firearms laws in for a major shake-up this term.

National and ACT agreed to rewrite the Arms Act - in place since the early 1980s - as part of its coalition arrangement.

Everything is on the table, including changing the existing licensing regime and re-introducing the military-style weapons used in the 15 March terror attacks.

"It means starting from scratch," Associate Justice Minister Nicole McKee told RNZ.

"There's nothing set in stone as we advance this process. The reason why the 1983 Act lasted so long is because there was genuine and good consultation."

The Arms Act 1983 has been home to New Zealand's gun laws for the past four decades and has had many iterations.

McKee said she wanted to change the current licensing system to a graduated system to "enhance public safety".

"Ensuring licensed firearms owners are fit and proper through a graduated system of licensing where people earn trust over time, and a licensing agency carrying out a range of checks, is the sensible way of ensuring public safety."

Also on the table is allowing competitive shooters to use semi-automatics for sport. The only current exemptions are pest control and (disabled) collector's items.

"Over 5000 people, deemed to have a proper purpose, already have a licence for centre-fire semi-automatic firearms. Under the rewrite of the Arms Act, a person would still need a legitimate reason to have a centre-fire semi-automatic firearm," McKee said.

"Meanwhile, higher security and storage requirement would be required and large capacity magazines would continue to be unavailable to those without the proper, vetted endorsement."

Lawmakers near-unanimously supported an amendment to ban semi-automatics after the 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings.

It was these restrictions that propelled McKee into politics and she was now spearheading the complete rewrite of our gun laws.

"I'm hoping that we can find a middle ground where we ensure we have good public safety but we also stop treating licensed firearms owners like they're nothing more than common criminals."

McKee wants to roll back what she described as "rushed" and "knee-jerk" legislation so regulations were less onerous on firearms owners.

"Gun ownership is a normal way of life. Now, everyone thinks that it's used just as a weapon, rather than as a sporting tool or a way to put food on the table," she said.

"It's going to be hard to have this conversation because people already have misconceived preconceptions about firearms but [the conversation] does need to start."

McKee said it was likely wholesale firearms reform will be introduced to Parliament before the end of the year.

Continue reading at Radio New Zealand


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