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Friday, December 1, 2023



CCFR Radio – Ep 155: Senate Protects Criminals, CCFR Appeal Filed, CCFR Defamed (again…)

For the latest information on what's been happening at the CCFR, check out our most recent Podcast with host Rod Giltaca.

In this episode: CCFR files appeal, Senators line up to protect the interests of violent criminals – shameless! Also, defamatory statements made in SECD by “activist”. A couple of the craziest clips anywhere. Liberals to ban pinned magazines.

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In this meeting the committee members completed more clause-by-clause considerations. Senator Don Plett and Senator Claude Carignan offer amendments to committee and the Chair takes the remainder of the meeting in camera (private).

Clause-by-clause consideration continues on Monday.

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Leblanc Promises to Ban Modifiable Magazines

"Federal Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc promises to ban high-capacity firearm magazines "that can easily be tampered with with a screwdriver in your basement." Firearm manufacturers will simply no longer have the right to sell them, and those who own them will have to get rid of them, the minister said in an interview with La Presse."

After breaking the law himself, just to see if he could, LaPresse journalist Tristan Peloquin reports that Dominic LeBlanc will ban pinned mags and criminalize anyone who owns them.

Continue reading at LaPresse (Article in French)

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In this meeting Conservative Senators try in vain to fix Bill C-21 as it enters clause-by-clause consideration including votes on Mandatory Minimum Sentencing, consultation with Indigenous people, border security, exemptions for sport shooters, airsoft and more.

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The Government of Saskatchewan is promoting the importance of firearms safety and licensing through a new safety campaign that will be broadcast on radio, billboards and social media throughout the winter months.

This year's campaign tagline is "Secure Firearms. Safe Communities."

"This firearms safety campaign is an important step in educating Saskatchewan firearms owners on the importance of licensing, handling and storing firearms and ammunition properly," Corrections, Policing and Public Safety Minister Paul Merriman said. "By educating the public, we can help reduce accidents, mitigate thefts, and build on Saskatchewan's strong tradition of responsible firearms ownership."

This year's firearms safety campaign will feature several well-known Saskatchewan residents who are acting as spokespeople for the campaign. Team Canada target shooting athlete and coach, Sasha and Cameron Krakowka; Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation President, David Yorke; Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities President, Ray Orb; and Elder and former Senator with the Prince Albert Grand Council and Federation of Saskatchewan Indigenous Nations, Nolan Henderson.

"Firearms safety is everyone's responsibility," Chief Firearms Officer Robert Freberg said. "By ensuring firearms and ammunition are always properly stored and safety practices are followed, we can ensure the safety of firearms owners and users across the province. Thank you to all our outstanding spokespeople for helping to promote firearms safety in Saskatchewan."

Continue reading at Saskatchewan.ca

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Don’t broaden handgun freeze exemption, firearm-control advocates tell senators

Proponents of tougher firearm restrictions are urging senators not to broaden an exemption for Olympic athletes from the federal handgun freeze to include a wider range of sport shooters.

Gun-control advocates including the group PolySeSouvient said in a letter to Senate committee members studying the bill that expanding the exemption would put the interests of recreational sport shooters who want to buy new handguns ahead of public safety.

A representative of the National Association of Women and the Law has also written to members of the Senate committee to express opposition to such a wording change.

The committee is reviewing the bill clause by clause after hearing from an array of witnesses.

During his appearance, Jim Smith of the International Practical Shooting Confederation asked senators to widen the exemption to include participants in their competitions.

Unlike at more traditional competitions, the confederation’s matches can involve firing on the move at stationary and mobile targets, and trying to be quick between shots when reloading or drawing from a holster.

Smith said that while the bill does not outright ban handgun ownership, the result for IPSC Canada is that, as a sport, “we will see a slow demise as our athletes age when no new athletes are introduced and existing competitors’ equipment wears out with them unable to source replacements.

“Since the ban was introduced by order-in-council, we have already seen a slow decline in participation as new prospective members have been unable to purchase handguns.”

The letter to senators from PolySeSouvient is signed by others pushing for tighter laws, including Boufeldja Benabdallah, spokesperson for the Quebec Mosque community, and Meaghan Hennegan of Dawson Families for Gun Control.

Continue reading at CityNews

Local gun owners take a stand against proposed Tiny, Ont. firearm discharge bylaw

Tiny council chose to cool a recent matter by requesting a thorough report in relation to firearm usage within the township for a future meeting.

The origin of the issue stemmed from a complaint and 30-person petition lodged by a Georgian Highlands residents at the start of November, regarding what they suspected was a possibly-illegal gun range being operated in their backyards at the end of Raven Hill Dr., off Tiny Beaches Rd. N. between the west 18th and 19th concessions.

Several deputations provided overlapping concerns: Gun shots heard in the vicinity of their family homes; an observed firing range on the undeveloped land behind them; and a lack of bylaws on firearm usage in the township. A request by one deputant was for Tiny to consider a bylaw to prohibit and regulate the discharge of firearms.

Council thanked the residents for their deputations – a means for citizens to provide information to the municipality – and responded that the matter would be addressed later in the month.

Prior to Wednesday’s council meeting, an email was sent out to “everyone” by Georgian Bay Hunters and Anglers Inc. that claimed “Tiny Cottagers are trying to get a bylaw passed that would prohibit the discharge of firearms” in the township, encouraging attendance for the “discharge bylaw."

At the meeting, roughly 50 audience members in the chamber filed to standing room along its edges; a majority wore camouflage jackets. It was stated that another 130 to 150 persons were located outside the building.

Continue reading at The Hamilton Spectator

Police in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., say the man who went on a deadly shooting rampage in late October did not have an active firearms license.

Bobbie Hallaert killed four people, including three of his own children, and injured a woman before taking his own life in what police have called a case of intimate partner violence.

Police in the northern Ontario city say they continue to investigate the case, including determining how a rifle and revolver recovered at one of the crime scenes were acquired.

Police say the 44-year-old offender had a firearms license from 2008 to 2014, but had not had one since.

Police say officers responded to a “disturbance” in January 2020 involving Hallaert and seized two firearms.

They say the firearms were “not involved in the disturbance call” and have since remained safely in police custody.

Continue reading at Global News

Continue reading at Global News

Ghost gun allegedly found at Markham hotel after guests refused to leave: police

Police in York Region say a homemade firearm known as a ghost gun was found at a Markham hotel after three guests overstayed their welcome.

In a news release issued Tuesday, police said officers were called to the hotel near Warden Avenue and Denison Street on Sunday afternoon after the guests missed their check-out time and allegedly refused to leave.

When officers arrived at the room, police said they found a firearm “in plain view” in a gift bag.

Upon closer inspection, police said, the firearm was found to have no branding or serial numbers and it’s believed to be a ghost gun.

Ghost guns are usually assembled from individual parts or 3D printers, which make them easy to make but hard to trace.

Police said the three individuals were charged and the firearm was seized.

Three Toronto residents, Tahjae Harmmony Browne, 24, Kezriah Michelle McFarlane, 21, and Ishmael Herrera, 21, were all charged with possession of a firearm knowing its possession is unauthorized, possession of prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunition, and trespassing.

Continue reading at CTV News Toronto

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