CONTEST CLOSED – All Canadian Rifle Contest

Win the All Canadian Rifle!

Our friends at Canadian Access to Firearms have donated this custom-built, one-of-a-kind precision rifle to the CCFR to award in a fundraiser. 

This precision rifle is chambered in 308 Win and was assembled and tested by Rusty Wood Trading Co. 

The all Canadian-sourced components are as follows:

The rifle was test-fired at Mission Rod & Gun Club.

To Enter:

  1. Read all the contest rules.
  2. Use this page to donate $10 to the CCFR and receive one free entry into the contest. Donate $25 and receive 3 free entries into the contest. 
  3. Yes, residents of Quebec can enter!
  4. Wait to see who wins after the contest closes on May 3rd, 2024

Thank you all for your support. The CCFR will never stop fighting for your ability to legally own and use firearms. To see what the CCFR does with your support, click here.

$10 Donation gets you 1 opportunity to win

$25 Donation gets you 3 opportunities to win

Bonus opportunities will only be awarded for donations made in multiples of $25

Read the Official Contest Rules here



Congratulations to our winner: